Why You Need Vanity Phone Number and the Top Vanity Phone Number Providers in 2021

Top Vanity Phone Number Providers in 2021

Despite the rise of chat, video call, IM, and email the good old phone call still remains the first choice. It is common for businesses to have a number and it is even better if it is a toll-free and local number. If that number is striking and stays etched in your memory then you enjoy a market privilege. Such a number is a vanity number. It can be simple numeric like 1-800-12121212 or an alphanumeric string like 1-800-PIZZAFORU (the characters represent corresponding numerals on the keypad). This type of combination is easy to remember and it will be the one prospective customer’s dial when they want a product. It is easy to get vanity numbers from any of the several vanity number providers to give your business a competitive edge.

Why you need a vanity phone number

It is important for a prospective customer to remember or recall a number with minimum effort. Vanity numbers, by their unique composition, pop up first on your mind’s dashboard. With so many things to remember, people are not going to put in efforts to memorize numbers unless necessary. Therefore, when you get a special number from online vanity number providers you stand a better chance of getting a customer to call you first when they need to. There are other reasons too.

    • The unique string of numeric and characters also represents your product or brand and acts as reinforcement, putting head and shoulders above the rest in the same category.
    • The vanity number marks you out as a specialist and enhances your credibility and standing as well as a trust factor.
    • People still prefer phone numbers over social media or websites or chat. A survey shows customers consider a phone number to have 126% more reliability and immediacy compared to other modes of communication.
    • With a toll-free number, you can give the impression of being a global company as well as remaining locally accessible.
    • Vanity numbers in campaigns elicit a much better response.
    • Vanity numbers can be routed to mobiles, enhancing accessibility and reach.
    • Your business just increases dramatically which, alone, should be sufficiently convincing for you to decide to get one, especially if you are a startup.

The issue is that online vanity number providers offer such numbers on different terms, prices, and quality of services. Which one to choose? Take a look at the top at a few select vanity number providers here in no particular order. By the way, vanity numbers are no longer restricted to landlines; with the rise of VoIP, most such VoIP service providers and VoIP solution providers will give you a choice of plain numbers or vanity numbers. You can choose 1-800, 844, 877, 855, 888 or 833 prefix numbers.


RingCentral is known to offer some of the best VoIP solutions with flexible and modular plans, including vanity phone numbers. You can choose 877, 888, 800, 855, or 866 prefix numbers, with a choice of a local or toll-free number. The basic plan starts at $ 19.99/mo for up to 20 users. You get the robust feature set in their VoIP solution plus apps for Android and iOS. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use. However, the basic plan offers only domestic calling, texting, team messaging, and voice mail to text whereas higher-priced plans offer more such as video meetings and unlimited audio conferencing. Features also include voicemail to text, call log reports and call management.


800.com is one of the well-established and better-known online vanity number providers out there offering flexible plans. The plus point is that all features are available regardless of the plan you choose but on the downside, features are limited. You can take your pick from 800, 833, 855, 888, 844, and 866 numbers. Features include, among others, auto-attendant, call forwarding even to mobile phones, and call recording. Price starts at $ 23 per month and goes up to $ 89. You get voicemail to email and call and fax reports.

UniTel Voice

UniTel Voice could be ideal for startups for its feature set, pricing models, ease of use, and high quality of calls for US-based users. It offers hosted service so you do not have to worry about downloads, maintenance, and updates. Their plans include extension, voicemail, and greetings. One huge advantage is when you go the UniTel way, you actually own the vanity phone number so you can port it when you like. Price is attractive, starting at $ 9.99 per month.


If you want the ease of use and fast setup then Grasshopper is for you. As an online vanity number provider, Grasshopper does give you the choice of 833, 855, 844, 877, 866, 888, and 800 numbers though the selection is limited. It does not, however, include a free professional voice greeting. The price is $ 26 per month for the solo plan and can go up to $ 80 for a business plan. You do get the advantage of simultaneous call handling, reporting options, and apps for desktop and mobile.


If you want to mix and match then Phone.com could be your vanity number provider. You have flexible plans, low pricing, ease of set up and use but an outdated user interface. Features include video conferencing, text message, video recording, call analytics, and CRM integration. The click-to-call feature helps to integrate numbers into your website. You also have a text-to greeting converter for custom voice message responders.

As can be seen, vanity numbers are usually part of the service bundle offered by vanity number providers. The number is important so the first thing to check is whether you get to have ownership of the number or whether they rent it out to you. It is better to look for third-party VoIP solution providers like Ecosmob that will provide solutions for VoIP communications, and also get you the vanity number from the best provider and integrate the number into your website or with their IP PBX/IVR/call center solutions.

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