Why It Is Advantageous For Organizations to Invest In A Helpdesk Ticketing Tool?

Helpdesk Ticketing Tool

Are you planning to invest in a help desk ticketing tool? If yes, then you must be making a good decision. To perform efficiently and provide an exceptional customer experience, today’s customer support systems require a better work environment for customer care agents, fast and smooth internal procedures, and advanced decision-making tools. Among several tools available, the helpdesk ticketing tool plays a vital role in enhancing the performance and efficiency of an organization. Let’s look at the details about what the helpdesk ticketing system or tool is and how organizations can benefit from this tool for delivering a superior customer experience. 

What do you understand about a helpdesk ticketing system?

A helpdesk ticketing system or ticketing tool is a system that gathers, sorts out, and tracks all the queries of customers from different channels and manages them from one single platform. The tool comprises numerous features such as:

  • Centralized customer communications
  • Robust ticket management
  • Automation
  • In-depth metrics

All these features help to streamline the whole process. Organizations can easily collect and organize information which helps them to simplify interactions. Most importantly, with the help of a well-organized system, organizations can manage and handle information easily without missing any important requests. 

How does the ticketing system work?

An advanced help desk ticketing system works in the following manner:

  • The user submits a ticket to the support team via a self-service portal or through email.
  • As soon as the ticket is received, the software logs the ticket and assigns the query automatically to an agent who can handle it perfectly.
  • As most advanced helpdesk systems use Machine Learning (ML) technology, the system automatically replies to most inquiries spontaneously. Only the queries that involve complexity are left for the service team for better resolution. 

What are the advantages of a ticketing system?

  • Enhanced SLA Compliance: In the absence of an advanced ticketing system, companies may have to rely completely on subjective information to identify if service level agreements (SLAs) are being met. However, with the help of a ticketing tool, organizations can set SLAs for tickets based on various factors like the complexity of the query, the importance of the subject, etc. Various pre-defined triggers can be used to assign the subsequent deadlines to tickets automatically. This also helps to shoot up tickets and inform management when tickets are overdue.
  • Instant response times for tickets: A helpdesk ticketing tool is also beneficial in improving ticket response times. The tool can combine assorted channels of communication into a single platform. Therefore, the agents are not required to switch from one application to another to find useful information. This helps to save a lot of time and effort in delivering quicker responses to customer’s queries. 
  • Prioritization of tickets: With the help of the ticketing tool, companies can set default sorting for tickets according to their policies so that agents can handle and manage the tickets accordingly. Default sorting helps agents determine the priority of tickets and makes it easier for them to follow the response procedure. Different parameters such as ticket status, SLA, the complexity of issues, and others are used to set the default prioritization of tickets. This further helps to maintain consistent prioritization. 
  • Improved collaboration and transparency: When the email system offers support, agents may forget to share the information with their team members. This can prevent others from finding useful information when required. On the other hand, a help desk ticketing tool keeps tickets available to view for all the agents and management. This helps to build a more collaborative and transparent atmosphere within the organization. The agents with good experience in handling complex issues can assist new agents in solving customer’s queries. Besides, less experienced agents can learn effective problem management from their seniors.
  • Advanced self-help resources: A unified help desk ticketing software solution allows agents to identify commonly asked queries with repeated resolutions. This helps organizations set knowledge-based content in their self-help resources to assist customers who prefer to choose self-help solutions to find instant answers for their specific queries.
  • Ability to make informed decisions: Helpdesk ticketing software helps improve the support service and allows management to identify how various procedures are working. They can determine what is working best and what needs further improvement. With accurate stats in hand, companies can perform better project management and enhance their business operations. Various stats that can be used to identify performance levels include SLA compliance, average and maximum response time, average and maximum resolution time, ticket volume per day, etc. These stats make organizations better equipped to estimate existing incident management processes, regulate policies as required, and perk up asset management.
  • Better customer experience: All the above-mentioned benefits allow organizations to deliver a superior customer experience. After all, better informed and equipped agents, instant resolutions, and a collaborative organization’s culture help in offering better customer service. As a result, the agent’s efficiency will improve, and the customer retention rate will increase. 


By following the best practices, procedures, and processes along with advanced tools like helpdesk ticketing tools, organizations can effectively deliver intended results and achieve their goals.

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