Why Do You Need Data-Backed VoIP Phone Systems?

VoIP Phone System

Communication is the basis of any business. Whether it is communicating with the employees or customers, all your organization needs is a dedicated communication system. Landlines have passed their working dates as modern companies require more efficient and high-tech solutions. The voice over internet protocol or VoIP helps customers connect over voice communication and multimedia using the internet protocol networks only. The VoIP phone services market is expected to cross 194.5 billion US dollars by 2024.

Best advantages of data-backed VoIP phone system

    • Reduces Business Operational Costs

Start-ups, small and medium industries are constantly searching for affordable communication tools. The big enterprises are further switching to communication systems that don’t hamper their affordability even during remote location regimes.

VoIP phone systems help businesses save around 30%-50% on their operational costs. It costs as low as 20 US dollars per phone line per month. The cost of PBX hardware is eliminated as the service provider maintains all hardware. The annual maintenance fee is also eliminated as the service provider handles all types of maintenance. Further, there are no hardware expenses and certain long-distance call expenses associated with VoIP.

    • Bundle of Features under One Umbrella

VoIP phone system helps businesses with multiple features. The best features in any VoIP include:

    • Automatic call recording
    • Auto-attendant to bifurcate workloads
    • Find-me or follow-me features for working from a remote location
    • Video conferencing for unified communications
    • Voicemail to text for easy processing
    • Automated IVR system and call distribution in team
    • Advanced features including call analytics and data analytics
    • Ring groups to define specific teams
    • Call queuing for serving multiple customers at one time
    • Third-party CRM integrations for seamless business operations
    • Additional calling features like call monitoring, call whispering for team leads to check team’s performance, call barging to help team leads understand the loopholes, etc.
    • Advanced calling features like call transfer, call waiting, call transfer, and call waiting to empower teams and managers.

These features are essential for your business as companies with VoIP phone save time and money by improving efficiency.

    • Improved Call Quality with Data-backed VoIP phone Systems

Remote working employees require robust telephony for effective communication with all customers. Poor call quality can cost your business as high as 550 US dollars per employee per year.

Many issues with effective communication are related to the telephony hardware. The background disturbances, missed voicemail notifications, dropped calls, etc., can easily leak your potential business to your competitors.

The VoIP phone eliminates all phone-related issues with its highly scalable and high-tech features. You can get the best out of high-quality HD calls that ensure the best communication on the telephone and video calls. All leading VoIP provides wideband audio codecs, automated call quality updates, and background noise suppression. It takes care of latency and data packet loss.

    • Improves Team Productivity

VoIP phone systems can increase your team’s productivity by 20%. It works beyond saving time in poor audio quality and helping teams with advanced features. The auto-dialer feature of VoIP helps your customer service skip busy or disconnected numbers and automatically scrub call lists.

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) supports teams to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. Your team can concentrate on more sensitive issues making your customer service available on a 24*7 basis.

Many employees regard work from home as more productive than work from the office. Henceforth, it is essential to manage productivity during remote working. Advanced systems like VoIP help businesses to improve team productivity.

    • Worldwide Access with Service Mobility

While remote working is essential during a covid-19 pandemic, many companies switch to permanent work from home regimes. This requires worldwide access to the company’s tools and services to ensure the best service mobility.

The VoIP phone system is highly portable with decreased reliability on infrastructure. It is easy to transition your business from one place to another without worrying about the data backups. The mess created in changing different landline numbers over time is hard to manage at the customer’s end. Thus, businesses must go for VoIP to ensure an one-for-all point of contact irrespective of locations.

    • Great Reliability in Operations

Technology helps businesses by introducing reliability in day-to-day activities. The VoIP phone system is highly reliable than the traditional landline systems. The hassle-free telephony eliminates the hardware requirements, management of wires, and space requirements at your place.

Even if the traditional telephony runs out of network, VoIP continues to work seamlessly on the internet. Thus, the weather issues and power outages can’t affect your team’s performance.

Managers can ensure reliable team operations with increased assurance on unified communications. All fax, mails, video calls, voice mails, etc., can be handled by the modern VoIP.

Key Statistics Favoring VoIP Phone Systems

    • Businesses can save up to 32 minutes of calls per day per team member using an effective VoIP phone system.
    • More than 31% of the global businesses are already working on the VoIP phone for unified communication and flexible operations. It is due to the reason that VoIP has immense scope for scalability.
    • More than 95% of the VoIP phone systems aim to introduce artificial intelligence in modern applications. The voice assistants, interactive customer response, etc., powered by artificial intelligence help businesses align teams on more productive works.

Wrapping Up:

Around 60% of the world’s population is on the internet. Thus, it makes the feasibility of VoIP systems accurate and logical. The easy-to-use VoIP phone system and IP packet data transformation ensure the best services to small, medium, and big enterprises.

The data backup of this modern telephony provides additional working features that are a must for the competitive world. Whether it is about reducing the telephony costs or utilizing the best of the bandwidths, VoIP phone comes with multiple benefits to any organization.

With remote work rising during the covid-19 pandemic, it becomes more than necessary to select a unified communication and centralized data bank. VoIP phone systems allow seamless business processing without sacrificing quality.

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