VoIP Apps: How are They Impactful for Today’s Business Communication Needs?

VoIP App for business communication

Seamless communication experience and working agilely is the need of the hour for today’s businesses. More and more businesses are shifting towards work from home mode, especially after the pandemic situation. Being an alternative to VoIP phones as SIP endpoints, VoIP apps are gaining more importance among today’s businesses. A well-built VoIP app for business communication comes with a full suite of business-critical features that are essential for improved quality of both internal and external business calls. 

A VoIP app is a software application that comprises all the benefits of VoIP and is widely used to send voice calls over mobile data, Wi-Fi, or directly over the internet connection. With the help of VoIP apps, users can easily place and receive business VoIP calls via their smartphone or computer instead of sitting compulsively at their office desk to handle and manage business calls. 

With the VoIP app, employees can easily access all their usual office communication features such as voice and video communication, instant messaging, group message capabilities, and more. Some of its functions include: 

  • Voice: Allow users to make and receive calls via their regular business phone number or any personal device (mobile). Moreover, VoIP apps are usually compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. 
  • Video: Users can enjoy HD-quality video conferences with other DOTVOX users. They can also enjoy a highly flexible and collaborative experience with screen sharing and file-sharing functionalities. 
  • Instant messaging and presence: VoIP apps allow users to send an instant message or open group chats with associates while mobile. They can use presence notification to show their availability and preferred method of contact. 
  • Automatic sync: The apps can sync all the system changes, contact information, voicemails, and other details automatically for access on any device in real-time. 
  • Call pulling: Even if the user is in the middle of the call, they can easily transfer calls between office and mobile devices in real-time as per their requirement without any interruption.  Call pulling takes place in such a seamless manner that the person on the other side won’t even realize that a change has been made. 
  • Call management: Another key functionality of VoIP apps is the proper management of calls. Users can easily manage all call settings like call forwarding, concurrent ring, and various other settings via VoIP app as they normally do in the office, from anywhere, at any time. 

Types of VoIP apps

There are different types of VoIP apps available in the market today. Some of the key types of VoIP apps include:

  • Free vs. Paid VoIP Apps

It is important to note that most VoIP apps are available free of cost. The free apps usually include:

  • Apps that are available along with a VoIP service
  • Apps that are offered by well-established software manufactures
  • Apps that are available for benefits such as for website promotion, an advertisement, etc. 

As far as paid VoIP apps are concerned, they are available with additional features. 

  • Web-based vs. OS-based VoIP Apps

Web-based VoIP apps can be embedded easily in the browser. On the other hand, OS-based VoIP apps are those that users need to download or install on their PC. 

  • PC vs. Mobile VoIP Apps

PC VoIP apps can be downloaded and installed on the PC. Whereas, to use mobile VoIP apps, users need to log in from their mobile phone to a particular page and follow all the instructions. 

  • Service-based vs. SIP-based VoIP Apps

In the case of VoIP service-based apps, users can use the username or phone number that they received at the time of registration for the service to access the app. On the other hand, SIP-based apps are service-independent apps that users can use with any device. These apps make use of the SIP address. 

Benefits of VoIP app

VoIP apps that come with unified communications capabilities can perform much better than any average desk phone. Here are some of the key benefits of VoIP apps for your business:

  • Reduced costs: Every business, especially small and medium-sized businesses, always look for ways to control their expenses in terms of corporate communications. A VoIP-based phone system is a perfect solution to reduce business communication costs. Employees working remotely can easily make calls at reduced costs or even free of cost via VoIP apps for internal communications. 
  • Keeps everyone connected: VoIP apps keep all the employees stay connected irrespective of their location. The VoIP app allows users to carry their business phone number with them to place and receive calls just like their office desk phones. They can easily reach any of their coworkers or customers at any time and from anywhere worldwide. This functionality makes VoIP apps a great choice for remote workers and plays an important role in improving their efficiency and productivity.
  • Quick and easy setup: VoIP apps are easy to access. Business owners can easily make these apps available to their employees. Several VoIP phone system service providers nowadays provide VoIP apps to assure improved compatibility, functionality, ease of use, and superior customer experience. Users just need to have a good internet or Wi-Fi connection in their desktop or mobile device to start using VoIP apps. 
  • Availability of various call handling features: With a VoIP app running on a mobile phone or desktop, users can enjoy all the features and functionalities of their corporate phone. No matter where you are working, you can enjoy all the call handling features like call hold, call transfer, call forwarding, mute calls, voicemails, call recording, ring strategy, and more. These functionalities can be accessed easily on any platform including Windows, Android devices, and macOS iOS. 

Since there are numerous VoIP apps available in the market, choosing the best VoIP App for business communication can become quite confusing. To choose the best one, you must first short-list the best VoIP apps and look for the features that you need in the app. It will certainly help you to make the right choice.

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