Virtual Phone Number: Makes A Business Closer to Its Customers

Virtual Phone Number

With the increase in work from home or remote working trends, businesses need an advanced phone system. The reason is that traditional phone systems just cannot keep up with the current business requirements. A VoIP phone system is perhaps the best way to manage business communications. Having a VoIP phone number provides enough flexibility to today’s businesses to meet all the essential needs of remote working or working from the home team. In this blog, you will get to know about the benefits of VoIP or virtual phone numbers for a business and how they work. 

Why virtual phone numbers are gaining popularity?

A virtual phone number is simply a telephone number that is not bound to a fixed location. Instead of a traditional line or exchange, a virtual phone system uses the internet to connect to phone networks. Also, it requires no complex hardware.  It means that the users can receive the incoming calls on any device including cell phones, softphones, or VoIP desk phones that connect to the cloud. 

The ability to support any device makes VoIP the best option for employees working in the office as well as those who are working remotely, or from home. It is up to the users to decide which device they want to use to receive calls from the virtual numbers. They can even change them as per their requirement. 

As far as the working system of VoIP phones is concerned, it breaks down the audio signals from the customer’s phone into data packets. These packets are transmitted similar to other data transfers like email or a webchat. When the receiving device (mobile phone, softphone, or a standard desk phone) gets the information, the internal software converts the data packets back into audio signals. Thereby allowing the recipient to clearly listen to the caller’s message. 

Over a while, virtual numbers have grown in popularity. Businesses utilize these numbers to receive calls from worldwide customers, regardless of where their offices are situated. It allows users to carry out seamless communication with their customers without letting them know whether they are connected via a standard telephone number or a virtual one. 

How beneficial virtual phone numbers are?

There are numerous benefits of opting for virtual phone numbers. Some of the key benefits are mentioned below:

  • No expensive add-ons and fees: Using a virtual phone system, people can communicate anywhere in the world without paying expensive charges for calling or add-on services. 
  • Auto attendants for enhanced caller experience: Many cloud phone service providers provide the auto attendant feature with their service. An auto attendant help in delivering a superior caller experience. It greets the callers and serves them with a menu to reach the right person or department. 
  • Call forwarding: Unlike a traditional phone system that connects a caller to one desk phone and transfers his/her call to voicemail if the person on the desk is not available to take the call, a virtual phone system either transfer the call to the agent’s mobile phone or to another available agent. In case, a call lands on a voicemail, the system immediately transcribes the message and sends it to the concerned person via email. 
  • Separate business phone number: With a virtual phone number, employees can separate business from their personal phone number. The virtual phone system masks the caller ID of employees thereby providing them better control and peace of mind when calling contacts.

Want to purchase virtual numbers? Here’s what you must know about the process

In comparison to traditional phone numbers, virtual phone numbers are highly beneficial for users. They are an ideal solution for both small businesses and large enterprises. Whether one wants to manage their remote working staff or needs to manage communication within the organization, a VoIP phone number can fulfill all the key requirements. 

Virtual phone numbers can be categorized as:

  • Local phone numbers: Also known as area codes, these numbers are based on specific geographic areas. These numbers make a business appear more local, even if it is located far away.
  • Local international numbers: Similar to local numbers, local international numbers make a business appear to be local to foreign markets.
  • Toll-free numbers: As the name suggests, toll-free numbers allow people to make calls without paying any tolls or fees. These special kinds of numbers usually start with 800, 888, 866, etc. 
  • Vanity numbers: Vanity numbers are generally the most attractive or easy to remember numbers. 

It is important to note that a business can purchase many virtual numbers as it requires from a VoIP service provider. Each number can be managed easily via VoIP software, local area codes, 800 codes, and international numbers. The software also empowers businesses to receive calls based on business requirements. 

Businesses can even keep their existing phone number and take it to their virtual phone system. Based on the organization’s requirements or expansion needs, businesses can choose new numbers or swap out with others as per the requirement. 


By and large, installing a virtual or VoIP phone number brings several benefits for all types of businesses. It helps businesses in offering more flexibility and freedom to their employees. It allows easy expansion and brings a business closer to its customers. Especially, small businesses can utilize virtual numbers to make their business appear wide-reaching, allowing foreign markets more accessible. In all, it allows more savings, better caller experience, increased profits, and ultimately improved business success.

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