Total Lowdown on How to Start a Mobile VoIP Business

If there is one industry that has shown a healthy growth during the pandemic, it is VoIP based communication services. As it is, businesses are shifting to VoIP and the market will grow at a rate of 12% to be worth $ 55 billion by 2025. Dip your fingers into this profitable segment and you could be earning steadily revenues. VoIP services, in the broadest sense, include stationery systems as well as mobile VoIP, as provided by a typical VoIP solution provider. However, you can start by simply focusing on mobile VoIP services. As it is, there are 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide according to a Statista survey, and each spends about 3 hours a day on the phone. Seven out of ten use internet on the phone with mobiles accounting for 52.6% of web traffic worldwide. That makes a convincing case to start your mobile VoIP business to target these billions of global users. The question you are likely to ask is how do I start mobile VoIP Services and what do I need to become a mobile VoIP solution provider? Read on.

Infrastructure and solutions provider

It is quite important to get this part right and not go by cost or name alone. You will need hardware and software and both should be well integrated to deliver uninterrupted performance.

Hardware: You will need enterprise or carrier grade servers. Choose the internet data center with care, paying special attention to computer specs to ensure the server you rent will be able to handle momentary high load and has high bandwidth capacity. Rent two: one for main purpose and the other as backup and redundancy.

Software: This is where you need to be particularly careful. Engage a vendor who can custom design and integrate software to run on the servers and allow you control as well as users access to services.

  • Start with a class 5 softswitch and be careful to choose one that can handle high number of concurrent calls. The softswitch should feature least cost routing and billing linked to call records. A white label solution will enable you to brand it.
  • A session border controller is highly recommended to assure glitch-free calling and for security.
  • An optimization solution to take care of variations in internet speed and to get around firewall blocks is another thing to consider.
  • Though not immediately required, it would be advisable to keep in mind PIN and PINless calling cards.
  • The focus for mobile VoIP operations is a mobile dialer SIP softphone software. Here again you will need a customizable white label solution with tons of features that can be offered to suit customer’s preferences. Evaluate call clarity and the way codecs are implemented to permit audio/video calls and conferences as well as security. Your retailers and end users will be using this software so make sure you get the right one.
  • Set up your website linked to CRM for customer interaction and to enable people to subscribe and make payments.

Start with the software end. Pick a vendor, preferably a single vendor who can offer all of the above. It costs less and everything is seamlessly integrated when one vendor can offer all software support for your mobile VoIP services. Pick one with experience of serving carriers and VoIP solution providers. The right vendor will also offer best ongoing support.

Negotiating arrangements with carriers and internet services

You will need both: a stable and high speed internet access as well as arrangements with carriers and telecom operators. In the preceding section we talked about picking vendors who serve carriers. With their contacts they can advise you how the system works and which carrier to tie up with and, possibly, put you in touch. Price and quality of service are paramount.

How do you finance it?

You could go the startup route and get cash infusions from angel investors and venture capitalists. This is what startups do. The traditional route is to find bankers willing to finance your operations. The way to reduce costs is to find the right vendor of software, possibly one who offers software as a service.

Customers and marketing

This is possibly the toughest part: getting customers to newly established mobile VoIP services. Put in maximum efforts and rope in digital marketing services as well as loyalty program experts right from the outset to find and retain customers.

Now that you know how to start your mobile VoIP solution business, take the first step by getting in touch with the right vendor of software solutions.

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