Top Business Communication Trends to Watch Out in 2022

Business Communication Trends

In today’s digitally advanced world, the communication methods, as well as the channels that people prefer, keep on changing continuously. To stay ahead in the competition, businesses must keep pace with the latest business communication trends. In this blog, we will discuss the top-most communication trends in the market that will emerge in 2022. 

Top business communication trends 2022

Here is the list of the top-most business communication tools that are expected to remain in trend in the coming years. Have a look:

  • IP Messaging: With the emergence of various instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, consumers are getting used to the quick and easy-to-use nature of IP messaging. By 2022, we can expect around 3 billion users to have access to instant messaging apps all over the world. Consumers are getting so used to these channels that they prefer the same channel to communicate with businesses as well. Even businesses are finding IP messaging channels quite easy and economical to use. Moreover, with the help of IP messaging, businesses can expand their reach without the need to spend huge amounts on the communication system. This is the reason why many businesses are increasing the use of IP messaging for business and customer communication. In 2022 and beyond that, we will get to see a rise in Chatbots, localization, and location-based intelligence. Since mobiles can support local language input, IP messaging for business communication will become more adaptive in the market. Even most email conversations will switch to IP messaging. 
  • Voice AI: AI is influencing businesses of all types and shapes in some or another way. Due to the growing usage of applications such as Chatbots, predictive dialing, emotion detection, and more, voice AI will continue to grow and become better. Businesses are gathering all the essential data from customer calls with the help of speech-to-text conversion. With the advancement in technology including AI, we will get to see more advanced applications such as voice fingerprinting shoot up in the coming years. 
  • Unified Communication (UC): For today’s businesses, offering a seamless and more personalized customer experience has become very essential to stay in the competition. All the teams within an organization including sales, support, and other customer-facing teams have to deal with different types of customers throughout the day. The way they manage their interactions leads to either a good or bad customer experience. With the help of unified communication (UC), businesses can help their agents in offering more personalized and effective communication. It prevents the need for context-switching and allows agents to work more effectively by forming an easy-to-access, single source of information. Besides, cloud communication providers will continue to advance by offering the best possible customer experience and engagement management services. In the coming years, more and more cloud communications service providers will strive to support all types of channels including voice, chat, SMS, and more to make it easier for organizations to create a single source of information. 
  • Cloud migration: After the pandemic hit, a large number of businesses have already migrated to the cloud. To enable remote working, many businesses across all sectors made a switch to the cloud. The switch to the cloud telephony system has replaced the need for desk phones and altered it with click-to-call and mobile applications, allowing for better mobility. More and more businesses are realizing the importance of cloud systems, their ease of use, and the benefits that it brings with them. Due to this reason, we will get to see increased adoption of the cloud in the coming years. 
  • Video calling: Video calling plays a key role in call/contact center communication. In recent years, especially after the pandemic hit, the way businesses communicate with customers has changed greatly. More and more businesses are offering video calling services owing to better connectivity and economical access to the internet. Today, several businesses are integrating video calling into their call/contact centers. This helps in offering various key services like video KYC, fixing common issues related to different devices or applications, and many others. Now the question is how effective video is? Well, video is an effective means of communication because it offers more direct and personal interaction with customers. This makes it provides the best way to offer more personalized communication and make a long-lasting impact on your customers. Therefore, it would be correct to say that the adoption of video chat for business and customer communication will rise at a rapid pace in the coming years.
  • Integrations: Keeping in line with the above-mentioned trends including unified communications, we will get to see more and more integrations into the business communications systems. Integrations allow for better-unified communication. That’s the reason why more and more businesses are using an integrated set of business tools to interact with each other as well as their customers. This also ensures that no data will get lost during transformation between various touchpoints. Various important business tools like Helpdesk, CRM, cloud telephony, and more will continue to integrate and form a single interface. In 2022 and beyond more and more businesses will use customized UI components and APIs to enable integration and manage their business communication tools. 


So, these are some of the key business communication trends that will be on the top list of businesses in 2022 and beyond that. If you are looking for the best communication tool for your business, make sure to choose a service provider that offers the best tools to meet your specific business communication needs.

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