Top 5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Must Have IP PBX Software for Communications

IP PBX Software for Communications

It is more important now than ever before for small businesses to have an effective communication system in place. In a small organization of about 10 people everyone must be in the loop; there cannot be compartmentalization and disjointed communication could mean you lose a vital order or customer. Gaps could also lead to misunderstanding with consequent negative effect on the business as a whole and, in turn, this has a downside effect on the morale of everyone. An effective and simple way is to get IP PBX software, preferably cloud hosted solution or subscribe as a sub-tenant in multi-tenant IP PBX software service. Here are top five reasons why you should have IP PBX.


Imagine a scenario where you have landline and each member of your team uses mobile and apps like WhatsApp. If your business is footing the bill for everyone you pay a substantial amount. Switch to IP PBX software and the cost reduces to a considerable amount especially when you make long distance calls. IP PBX uses internet and VoIP technologies leading to vastly reduced costs of communication. Cost is just one consideration. Improved communications and features you get in the IP PBX are even more compelling.

Corporate type features

The IP PBX is not just communications over the internet. There are more advantages translating to fluid communications.

Do away with the need for a receptionist to take calls and route them. The auto attendant feature welcomes callers and callers can press extension key to connect to the person they wish to talk with. You could even configure the IP PBX to automatically distribute calls according to extension number dialed. If caller does not know then someone will pick up the phone, the caller can choose from IVR option or leave behind a voice message. This set up projects a corporate style image that will impress vendors and customers alike besides facilitating fast and smooth communication. You have one direct dialing inward number with extensions – doing away with the multiple numbers scenario when each one uses a mobile phone.

It is easy to use the IP PBX phone feature through your desktop or on the mobile through an app and engage in audio-video calls as well as conferences regardless of where employees are located. If the IP PBX has WebRTC inclusion then you can do it through the browser and even share documents and send email or fax while during the conference.

It is easy for the owner, your sales executive or purchase executive to access database or CRM from anywhere and transfer calls regardless of location or time since IP PBX in the cloud gives you access 24×7.

You can record and access all such calls at any time. Why is this important? A conference may last for an hour or so and it is human to tend to forget what was discussed and agreed upon. You have proof by way of recording. Employees can access recording to take action on any part of the conference. Your team may wish to revisit the talks and redefine or refine certain issues.

Internal communications

One of the biggest hurdles for small businesses is the lack of internal communications which can lead to delays and misunderstanding. With the IP PBX software in place it is an easy thing for each member to communicate with the other at any time using the intercom facility. You could even do so during an ongoing call, putting on hold the caller and talking with your colleague to bring them up to speed. Internal communications removes barriers and synergizes seamless coordination. Information flows horizontally and vertically and no one feels left out or has any resentment. This engenders greater commitment and enthusiasm to propel the company forward.

Better internal communications also enhances your external communications and delivers better customer experience. It is not a given that only your sales executive should talk with a customer. Anyone can and do it effectively by being fully apprised of the situation or accessing customer data from the CRM. Transparency is a positive outcome leading to higher trust levels.

Unifying all channels of communication

Unified communications is key to communication success and positive interactions. Your normal land line gives you no more than voice telephony. Your mobile phone can give you access to other modes such as text, WhatsApp and social media but in this case such communications work in parallel mode on devices of different employees. Put in place UC IP PBX software. You and everyone else has access to email through the software, voicemail, text, Whatsapp, voice, audio-video chat and conference through a unified interface accessible to everyone so everyone knows what is happening across these channels. Within your small business everyone is in the know and your customers or vendors will appreciate prompt response to their SMS or Whatsapp or phone call. Watch your productivity increase. Conferencing calling alone, for instance, boosts productivity by 65%. Unified messaging in itself boosts productivity by 54%. The find me/follow me feature you get with IP PBX software contributes 77% to productivity all of which are compelling reasons to employ IP PBX solutions.

Grows with you

One inherent property of IP PBX software is scalability. Today you have ten people. The next year you may have 15. The software accommodates new additions seamlessly. You can use IP phones in the office, softphones on the desktop and softphones on mobiles with each mobile becoming an extension in a unified set up. So, you have mobility and scalability built into the IP PBX and the benefits flow across your small business with no great cost increase.

The icing on the cake is that it is easy to set up cloud IP PBX with minimal investment in hardware. You do not have to worry about maintenance or upgrades and configuring the IP PBX software is easy. You can allocate resources, grant permissions and monitor everything from a single interface. Use it for a month and you will wonder how you ever did without it.

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