Things You Must Consider To Get the Best VoIP Experience With VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP Experience

Many organizations nowadays are using VoIP phone systems to enjoy a seamless communication process throughout their workflow. VoIP phone systems come with several outstanding benefits and are suitable for all kinds of businesses. By upgrading to VoIP, businesses can save a lot of money compared to using outdated and legacy systems. If you plan to upgrade to VoIP and don’t know how to go ahead, below are some key tips to get the best possible VoIP experience

Determine your key business requirements

Before starting to look into different types of VoIP service providers, it is important to determine the key requirements of your business. Why does your business need VoIP, and how can it benefit from using a VoIP phone system? 

If you already have a business phone system, it is advisable to examine it completely. Look at all its features to determine whether you need all of them or not. Discussing with the employees can also help to add or remove certain features from the phone system. Features that play an important role in accomplishing daily workflow must be included in the system. There may be some features that are not used quite often. Based on the requirements, you must decide what features to keep and what to remove. 

Other than features, it is also important to determine the future strength of the employees who will use the VoIP phone system. Based on the number of users, choose the right system and plan for your business. 

Analyze your existing network infrastructure

Since VoIP technology works by routing VoIP calls via a business’s existing data networks, there is no need to install or maintain separate systems of VoIP calls and other data. However, it is vital to ensure that your existing network infrastructure is strong enough to handle a huge volume of calls without creating any kind of interruption. To ensure a flawless call system, many businesses choose to build a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to set apart voice calls for quality and troubleshooting purposes. On the other hand, some prefer buying a new internet connection as a backup, especially for VoIP calls to assure a seamless flow of calls even if something goes wrong with the initial internet connection. 

Besides network infrastructure, you must also evaluate your hardware system for better call and data handling. Hardware like firewalls, switches, routers, and others must be upgraded with the latest technology. It is important to note that hardware quality matters a lot to get the best VoIP experience

Establish your goals and future expansion needs

It is also important to establish your goals and future expansion requirements. Having an idea of future expansion can help businesses to select the right VoIP solution. No matter what solution you select, it must be flexible enough to support all future requirements. Many companies these days are using VoIP systems as the basis for unified communication (UC) tools which can help them greatly in the future. 

Keeping in mind your goals and future needs, it is advisable to prepare a list of features added to the phone system for better performance and efficiency. Choose vendors that provide all the features that you are looking for. Don’t compromise on any of the features to assure better experience and performance. 

Types of devices you need

The best thing about VoIP technology is that it supports an assortment of devices such as desk phones, laptops, desktops, mobile devices, conference phones, tablets, etc. Therefore when opting for a VoIP phone system, it is not necessary to buy and install new phones. However, if you want to purchase new devices, make sure to check the necessity of users. For instance, some employees may like to use the portability factor offered by mobile devices. Some employees who work from the office may need different types of desk phones. So, based on the user’s requirements, you can easily decide what devices to choose and what not. It is advisable to select regular models with basic functionalities for basic purposes. If you are using the devices for advanced functioning, then you can go for top-of-the-line models. 

Also, when talking about hardware, it is better to invest in high-quality hardware. Nowadays, many conferencing models come with advanced microphones and speakers for several people to participate at once. Based on the number of participants, you can decide the number of devices you need to purchase. 

Choose the right vendor

After determining your business requirements, goals, future expansion needs, types of devices required, hardware needs, now it’s time to make the right selection of vendors. Do proper research and list vendors who provide VoIP phone systems with all the features you are looking for. Choosing vendors based on the types of features to require can help narrow down the list of vendors. Another way to shorten the list is to eliminate vendors who don’t fit well in your budget. 

After you have prepared a list of vendors based on your feature requirements and budget, you must check the vendor’s reviews and track record to narrow the list further. Also, check online reviews for all the VoIP service providers on your list. There are various third-party review sites where you can find honest and impartial reviews about the vendors from the customer’s side. Another way to get an idea about the vendor’s service is to go through the testimonials available on their websites. 


These are quite a few effective and surefire ways to get the best possible VoIP experience from your VoIP phone system. Keeping in mind all the above-mentioned things can help businesses to choose the right cloud-based phone system that can make their whole workflow simpler, efficient, cost-effective, and highly secure.

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