The Top Ten Predictive Dialer Software for 2021 to Speed Up Your Campaigns

Predictive Dialer Software

Dialers are part of call center software and even within this category you have three different types, categorized according to their function, such as progressive dialer, preview dialer and predictive dialer. The last one is a favorite tool for managers who wish fast throughputs and high productivity. You can get call center software with the predictive dialer software included or get it as a plug in or integration into existing VoIP communication set up. In this case you can take your pick from the top 10 predictive dialer software for 2021.

Different types of Predictive Dialers:

Before going on to the top 10 predictive dialer software, a diversion into different types of dialers:

    • Progressive dialers: This type of dialer goes easy on the agent, initiating the call only when the agent has completed an existing call.
    • Preview dialer: An agent can preview information about the target on a pop up screen in order to be prepared when the call goes through.
    • Power dialer: This dialer detects when an agent is available and initiates an outbound call but the agent has to cope with unanswered calls, busy tones and answering machine response
    • Predictive dialer: This one “senses” when an agent is about to end a call based on a set of pre-configured rules and algorithms and initiates a call. It reduces idle time but should an agent take longer than anticipated, it could lead to the called party being put on hold.

With that out of the way one can go on to see which are the best predictive dialer software solutions on the market.

1 Dialer AI

If you want high degree of automation and are primarily engaged in follow ups of leads and payment collection then this predictive dialer software could be right. It can drop unanswered and busy calls, detect disconnected lines and answering machines. It will only put through a call when it is picked up by a human at the other end. Dialer AI is available in multi-tenant and white label type.

Adversus Dialer

Adversus incorporates automation in its predictive dialer. If you are engaged in managing campaigns and leads then this cloud based predictive dialer improves productivity. It does have a set of configurable options. It is web-based and available as software as a service with 24×7 support. You can integrate into other existing VoIP communication software.


Bitrix 24 progressive dialer software is part of their business phone system combined with CRM pckage. This lets you handle inbound and outbound calls as well as IVR telemarketing and robocalling. In addition, the package gets you voice mail, call recording and call routing. If 8 million businesses use it then it should be pretty good.


You have outbound predictive dialer bundled into this open source call center software. It can also handle inbound calls and web chat. It is available as Software as a Service and can be used on desktops and mobiles. The American based company offers a host of features in its predictive dialer, such as call monitoring, recording, scheduling, transfer, campaign management and lead management.


Sparktg predictive dialer is available as a standalone module that can be plugged into your call center software. It can be integrated with a variety of CRMs like Salesforce and Zoho. Agents can receive calls too and make use of custom IVR for automation. You also have the facility of call reports and recording. One good feature is sticky agent in which successive calls from a customer go to the same agent each time. The software also incorporates real time call monitoring and whisper mode.

Kixie PowerCall

Subscription rates are low, starting at $ 29 per month for integrated pack and $ 55 per month for enterprise grade. This amazing dialer includes call monitoring, scheduling, recording, transfer and campaign management. You can manage lists and leads and the software is fully FTC compliant.

Primo Dialer

You could get Primo Dialer as a stand alone predictive dialer but it is also part of the call center software solution from the company. You have remote access facility and it can be integrated into other communication platforms. The software rates high for best ease of use and value, perfect for medium sized operations. Prices are amazing too, at just $ 0.03 per month with a free trial period. The full set of features includes call monitoring, recording, transfer, scheduling as well as campaign management, FCC/FTC compliance, lead management and list management.


Call Tools combines predictive dialer with preview dialer and offers built in web-phone, CRM and good support. You have call disposition, call recording, scheduling, scripting and lead/list management in the FTC/FCC compliant package.


This package permits inbound and outbound call management at a rather steep rate of $ 1700 as a one time payment. It works on Windows platform and is not available as a hosted solution. You can record, schedule, manage and transfer calls, set up campaigns and manage leads as well as lists.

10 Hodusoft

Hodusoft progressive dialer software, available as stand alone solution to integrate into your IP PBX, or as part of call center software, is the smartest of the lot, taking care of obvious deficiencies of predictive dialers. You can record, manage, monitor and schedule calls and manage campaigns too. The outstanding feature is that it is smart, powered by AI/ML algorithms that flexibly adapt to each agent’s calling pattern referenced to the campaign on hand thereby leading to fewer wait time calls and yet offering a relaxed work environment for agents. OF the entire lot, this one is perhaps not so well known but gives surprising bang for the buck with features you would expect from big names but at affordable pricing. Sometimes, it pays to decide based on competence and performance rather than on name or brand and in this case it is so.

Some names may have been left out but we picked at random and this should give you sufficient information to take a decision to shortlist vendors of predictive dialer software.

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