The Role Of CPaaS in Augmenting Digital Journey Of Consumers

digital engagement with customers

Digitalization has changed everything in today’s time. The way businesses used to operate has transformed completely. Many companies nowadays use several different types of communication channels such as mobile apps, social media, collaborative tools, chat, email, and voice. The growing use of all these communication channels has made a considerable shift in the customer engagement space. To achieve success, businesses need to ensure better digital engagement with customers at all touchpoints. 

In the past, contact centers were solely used for offering customer support and service. However, today, especially after the pandemic hit, contact centers have emerged as the primary source of contact where all the functions are carried out like sales and marketing, relationship management, etc. It has become of utmost importance for contact centers to provide quick service while ensuring data consistency throughout the customer journey. It is equally important to deliver excellent customer service. This has raised the demand for creating omnichannel experiences. Here comes the role of CPaaS. 

CPaaS or Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) is a technology that organizations can utilize to integrate and enhance the existing technologies that contact centers are already using. It helps businesses in leveraging all the advanced capabilities from a customer engagement front by incorporating multiple software and vendors. CPaaS allows contact centers to deal with a large volume of calls effectively while allowing the remote workforce to be more efficient. At the same time, it ensures that contact centers are offering the best customer experience. 

The growing need for digital engagement

Digitalization has made it easier to connect with anyone at any time using any communication channel. Today’s customers like to interact with a brand using their choice of communication channel in real-time. Even enterprises are understanding the need to adapt to advanced communication solutions. Most organizations are adopting an omnichannel approach to enable digital engagement with customers on various popular communication channels. It would be correct to say that offering an omnichannel experience has become an essential need for today’s businesses to keep themselves in the game. 

To meet the current communication demands, several messaging apps are updating their interfaces accordingly. For instance, messaging apps like WhatsApp and Instagram which were originally used for peer-to-peer communication are now offering designated features for business accounts. This evolution has transformed the CPaaS space from one-way communication (SMS) to two-way conversations (a mix of different messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber). 

How does CPaaS encourage digital engagement?

With the help of CPaaS, all types of organizations including small to large enterprises can easily deploy new technologies based on the complexity of their business and cost. This allows them to enforce digital engagement. 

Digital engagement involves all the interactions and instances that shape the whole online customer journey. All these interactions and instances can generate a positive connection between a brand and its customers. Thereby ensuring that the organization is capable of offering the best digital experiences. CPaaS play an important role in offering the best possible digital experience by allowing them access to the right tools that they require to provide a superior customer experience. 

First of all, organizations need to determine the correct ways that can help them to engage with their customers in a better manner. They also need to find out what connections would help them to deliver better experiences. After determining the key requirements, users can mix and match the solutions essential for their business. This way, they just have to pay for the solutions that they are using. That’s how businesses can easily fill out the gaps between the customer and their organization wherever the demand is high. CPaaS not only helps in augmenting the communication between customers and agents but also between the clients and the technology used by the businesses. 

Besides, other communication solutions like automated IVR, chatbots, and self-service options have a great contribution in improving the entire customer journey. 

Why must today’s organizations utilize CPaaS in their digital journey?

To succeed in today’s digital world, organizations must use CPaaS, an advanced technology that has opened the doors of accessibility for modern technology. A cloud-based CPaaS model allows better flexibility to businesses when it comes to deploying digital engagement tools. Some of the key benefits of CPaaS include:

  • Better employee productivity: With CPaaS, businesses can effectively implement various messaging and collaboration options into their applications and processes. These options empower employees to perform better and enhance their productivity. The employees within an organization can easily connect with each other as and when required and get access to the essential information. 
  • Cost-effectiveness: Since CPaaS solutions are offered via the cloud, these are highly flexible and customizable as per the key requirements of the businesses. Some CPaaS vendors also provide Pay-as-you-go payment options for organizations that need to keep their costs low.
  • Access to modern technology: Businesses of any size whether big or small can have access to the latest technology that too in a cost-effective manner. More than 85% of companies believe that APIs will be vital for their growth in the coming years. With the help of CPaaS, businesses can easily transform their operations in a positive manner. 
  • Improved sales: The solutions offered via CPaaS allow businesses to have access to numerous opportunities that can enhance their business growth and profits. For instance, the SMS APIs offered by CPaaS allows businesses to send automated reminders to their customers. On the other hand, Chatbots allow businesses to offer self-service options to their customers online. 
  • Superior customer service: For today’s businesses, offering the best possible customer experience has become an essential requirement to stay in the game. A superior customer experience helps to drive higher sales, increased loyalty, and better business outcomes. With CPaaS, a business can connect with their customers via the channels they prefer to use. 


To sum up, CPaaS is an essential tool for today’s businesses in this digitally driven world where customers prefer to research about the businesses before connecting with them online. Starting from sending notifications to the customers to integrating Chatbots for self-service option, CPaaS can help to improve digital engagement with customers while making the relationship between the business and its customers stronger than ever.

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