The Importance of Customer Callback For Heightened Customer Experience

It is so easy and simple to implement in call center solutions that one wonders why it has not gained widespread use. Something as simple as callback service takes the frustration out of customer interaction and delivers superior customer satisfaction.

Simple and yet refined

Callback services are really simple in concept and easy to implement. Anyone who has called customer service will know that they are:

  1. diverted to IVR with frustratingly long series of keypresses that lead nowhere
  2. exposed to a recording that says all CSRs are busy so please call back later or hold
  3. unable to connect which leads to redialling
  4. told by agents that they are unable to resolve and will have to contact supervisor or someone up the ladder

Studies show that in such cases customers could spend a frustration period of 15 minutes attempting to get in touch with an agent. In all, an individual could spend 13 hours each year being put on hold or trying to get through. You are likely to lose business since this kind of response invariably leads to customer churn. The way to avoid it is to implement customer call back service in your call center solution this way:

    • If call goes into IVR and if agents are busy then customer straightaway has the option of pressing a certain number to get a callback. This is recorded in the CRM and displayed to the agent who then calls back.
    • If it is a direct line and agents are busy then instead of a voice recording announcing the fact, it could be reprogrammed to give callers the option of being called back. Caller hangs up and goes about their business. Agent calls back when free. No time wasted. Resolution takes place and you have a happy customer.
    • In instances where agents are not able to give first call resolution, they can fall back on call back service and access decision makers to resolve customer issue and then call back the customer. Both save time and energy. 63% of customers prefer a call back rather than being put on hold.

Making a promise to call back is one thing and doing it is another. Busy agents are likely to forget so you need a mechanism in the call center solution. This is where call back service feature kicks in and makes life easier by showing calls to be made on the dashboard. The important to note is that just call back does not give satisfaction. You also resolve caller’s issues through call backs.


It happens more often than not that calls actually go to agents in call centers. Agents can give answers to routine questions but if it is a knotty problem then they have two options. One is to involve a senior level person who can take a decision to resolve the issue. The other is to simply engage in talks that do not lead to any resolution. This leads to mounting frustration for the caller to a point where they simply cut off the chat and decide to dump the company. Why let this happen? Incorporate call back services into your call center solution. You can then let agents use this service and prevent call abandonment and churn.

Even waiting to get in touch with an agent can lead to abandonment. Statistics show that if someone has to wait for five minutes to get in touch they will walk away. 82% people expect responses within 15 minutes and 62% in 5 minutes. You may think it is a great idea to put callers on hold and get them to listen to music or your brand promotions. Customers may view it otherwise.

In the good old days that was that and you could ignore it. Today, customers view it dimly if they have a negative experience and vociferously proclaim it over social media channels. You do not want a small thing like this escalate to toppling your brand bucket.

High call volumes and conversions

Suppose you have launched a scheme and you are inundated with calls that agents simply cannot handle. Callers, as said above, are not going to stay on hold forever and it is likely hot leads suddenly turn freezing cold and vanish. Your campaigns could see low returns. Avoid this happening to you. Incorporate call back services into your call center solution. Set it up so that if there is high volume of callers, the system kicks in and lets callers press a key to request call back. This alerts agents who can then systematically call back in the order in which calls were received. Hold time is short. Callers can go about their business and be assured of receiving a call back. 78% customers will buy and buy again too.

Call back at the right time

You could refine the call back experience still more by letting customers specify the time when they wish to be called back. Most callers would like to be called right away. This may not be possible but it should be easy for agents to do so within a 30 minute window. Then there are variable scenarios such as you call back and the call is going to be a lengthy one due to so many topics. In this case, you could use call back services and get customers to agree to being called up later when they are free, even if it is after office hours. The call back service feature will prioritize calls based on the importance you assign, such as a lead near the tipping point. You call back but called party does not pick up the phone. Your call back services feature automatically retries after a few minutes and/or sends out a text notification.

Smart call back services, while responding to callers when agents are busy, are also likely to indicate when an agent will be free and give an estimate of wait time.

Whether it is an existing customer or a potential one you simply cannot afford to alienate either. Call back service feature in the call center solution leads to a better customer experience, higher retention and more conversions. It is a small but important feature that can be patched into existing call center software by the right vendor so get it if you do not have it.

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