The Beginner’s Guide to Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX

In today’s digital world, business communication practices have evolved with a huge transformation. Traditionally, hardware, phone instruments, and other setups were required. But that is not the case anymore with the evolution of virtual PBX software solutions. Virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is now offering accessible communication from anywhere, any time. It also facilitates remote working, which is highly demanded in the current scenario due to COVID-19.

A virtual PBX is a cloud-based business phone system that replaces the traditional PBXs and allows hassle-free communication. Traditional PBX systems require local hardware and landline connectivity for communication. On the contrary, virtual PBX software has been designed and developed to promote communication over the internet with no or just fewer hardware requirements.

As virtual PBX systems are connected via the internet, you can allow freedom to manage on the go communication and never leave customers’ calls unattended. Virtual PBX software enables call forwarding which helps in attending each call. Besides, customers can reach the designated employee without having to converse with employees of the other departments. In general virtual PBX offers the following features and functionalities such as

    • Voicemail to email
    • Call encryption
    • Auto-attendant
    • IVR – Interactive Voice Response
    • Call recording
    • Call forwarding
    • Click to call
    • Enterprise-grade reliability
    • Call reporting, and many more.

Now let’s understand how a virtual PBX system can be advantageous for businesses like yours.

Benefits of Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX is highly demanded over the traditional PBX these days. It offers many sound features and functionality, which makes the communication process more efficient. From cost-saving to no hardware requirements, cloud-based PBX offers enormous benefits for businesses. Have a look at the key benefits of acquiring virtual PBX for a robust phone system for your organization.

No requirements for hardware

A virtual PBX works on the same network with internet access and data. Hence, there is no separate hardware or infrastructure needed.

Easy setup and installation

Virtual PBX can be efficiently running more speedily than a system demanding hardware installations. Besides, it is easy to set up with minimum IT support.


Virtual PBX is exceptionally well-suited to businesses anticipating growth or requiring connectivity with multiple office locations.

Cost-efficient option

Considering the long-term benefits, a virtual PBX will cost relatively lower than a traditional, locally hosted PBX.

Limited IT management required

When choosing virtual PBX for your business, the service provider generally takes care of troubleshooting, performance monitoring, and software updates.

Forwarding flexibility

Virtual PBX uses IP addresses to route calls so the call forwarding can be handled more efficiently. Only the things expected to receive a forwarded call is a phone headset and an internet connection.

Web-based management interface

Service providers typically include a web-based interface that offers analytics tools and generates reports for the account and network management.

Straightforward integration

Virtual PBX is based on IP addresses, and the integration process is much quicker and straightforward compared to traditional PBX.

Phone flexibility

With an IP-based system, end users can use an IP phone, landline phone, or softphone (a headset attached to a computer).

In a nutshell, virtual PBX software is much more convenient and reliable to empower business communication operations. Unlike conventional PBX systems (which are locally hosted), cloud-based PBX is cost-effective, easy to install, and flexible alternatives. The virtual system provides the same functionality as the traditional PBX with more benefits; Hence it has become the popular choice for businesses. Virtual PBX almost fits all business requirements. Whether you are modifying the entire phone system or connecting the on-the-go team, Virtual PBX is the perfect choice for you.

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