Quick and Easy Guide to Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Quick and Easy Guide to Computer Telephony Integration

Contact centers and customer service departments require advanced systems for managing the high call volumes. Training the call center agents and an updated knowledge base can solve the issue, but the absence of technology makes it difficult for the teams to serve customers. Computer telephony integration is a straightforward yet effective strategy that provides the best solutions to large volume contact centers.

What is computer telephony integration?

It is a self-explanatory term that means the technology that connects the phone to the computer. A CTI is a software that can be linked to landlines, VoIP phone systems, etc., to perform all call functions and a bundle of additional functions.

It is a customizable call configuration that eliminates messy landlines and empowers businesses to manage calls through desktops. Computer telephony integration is a centralized communication hub with different communication tools like faxing, SMS texting, and live chats. It aims to improve customer satisfaction and the performance of call centers.

Why do businesses require computer telephony integration?

Customer service-based businesses and busy contact centers require high-end technology that is helpful to produce great products. Thus, any small, medium and large companies can go for computer telephony integration.

Many options in the market claim to be the best CTI partner for any business. However, it depends on specific requirements to the organization’s budget in selecting the right system for their services. All computer telephony integrations are highly affordable.

Remarkable features of computer telephony integration:

The guide to computer telephony integration is incomplete without looking at the remarkable features of this powerful technology. Thus, any CTI must come with the following features:

    • Screen pops:

The screen pops with caller information, and other details are important benefits of CTI. The inbound and outbound call pop-ups ensure that the agent has all relevant information to prepare for the discussion. It collects data from the CRM software and IVR system.

    • Interactive Voice Response (IVR):

The computer telephony integration has another basic feature of IVR. It is a phone system that routes callers to the correct department and agents. It is essential to collect caller’s information, offer self-service customer support, and record personalized greetings.

    • Call monitoring and analytics:

The CTI should enable call monitoring and analytics tools. All these advanced tools help monitor large call volumes effectively. Companies looking to get the best out of the call monitoring, call barging, and call whispers can go for CTI.

It should have analytics like average call length, average hold time, average inbound calls, average answer speeds, call abandonment rates, etc. The other important call analytics are customer demographics, first call resolution rates, etc.

    • Integration options:

The latest business tools offer great integration with computer telephony integration. Thus, any CTI should offer seamless integrations with CRM and multiple tools to manage the contact center. It allows the companies to handle different tools in one place.

    • Call routing and call flows:

The computer telephony integration should offer call routing that is essential for managing incoming calls. Thus, it improves customer service and reduces the call wait time for all customers. There is no need to use additional software for call routing.

The call flows like call forwarding should be incorporated in any CTI. It also improves the first call resolution rate and customer satisfaction. The calls are automatically forwarded to the next call agent if the first one is not picking.

    • Automatic dialer mode:

The automatic dialer mode of the computer telephony integration improves the number of calls for every call center agent. It further eliminates outdated phone numbers, voice mailboxes, etc. Many CTI offers different types of automatic dialers like preview, predictive, power, and progressive.

Top computer telephony integration providers

The top best and highly recommended computer telephony integration providers are:

    • Aircall
    • Genesys
    • RingCentral
    • Mitel
    • NICE InContact

Wrapping Up

Computer Telephony Integration is the technology of the future. It may seem simple to connect a telephone with a computer, but it is highly advantageous to any contact center. Not to miss is the promising scope of CTI that is projecting at mobile accessibility over multiple communication channels. Thus it can be regarded as the technology of the present with remarkable scope in the future.

Computer Telephony Integration- FAQ

    • What are the different types of computer telephony integration?

The two main types of computer telephony integration are desktop-based CTI and system-based CTI. The desktop CTI connects a computer to the telephone while the system CTI connects the telephone to a large server.

    • What are the main industries that are using CTI?

Many industries like healthcare, finance, consultancies, software development, and hospitality are using CTI.

    • Is computer telephony integration affordable for small businesses?

Computer telephony integration is a highly affordable technology that can be used by any business irrespective of its size.

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