Predictive Dialers and Get a Smart Intelligent Predictive Dialer for Your Business

Learn About Predictive Dialers

The term autodialer covers a variety of purpose-specific dialers like progressive dialers, preview dialers, power dialers, and predictive dialers. Here in this post, you will get to know about predictive dialer software. Perhaps it should be the one to get for your business considering its growth is predicted at 37% from 2021 through to 2028. Predictive market software is big, an estimated $ 1 billion.

What is a predictive dialer?

Given its features and functions, it is not difficult to see why the predictive dialer is the top dog in the auto-dialer segment, with a revenue share of 68%. A predictive dialer is smart. It has smart algorithms at the core and modern smart dialers even have AI and ML, becoming smarter as they age.

A predictive dialer is one that works intelligently. It will dial out several numbers. If a human being responds the call connects to the agent. If a machine responds then the dialer delivers SMS or voice message. If a call is not picked up the dialer moves on to the next number. That is not all. The dialer keeps track of how long it takes for an agent to complete a call and then initializes dialing based on this parameter. If more calls are unanswered it will automatically ramp up a number of outbound dialing.

With a predictive dialer in place, your agents scarcely have breathing time, going on to another call no sooner than they complete one. Therefore, a predictive dialer is ideal if you want more throughputs, such as in following up leads.

How it works

At the core of the predictive dialer is an algorithm. The result is that agents talk with human targets, not answering machines and the next call is ready no sooner than a current call terminates. The algorithm also predicts average answer time, agent availability, and time spent on each call and adjusts the call rate. It can also decide on its own which number to prioritize rather than simply engage in sequence dialing.

The predictive dialer software is linked with a call list drawn from the CRM. Call lists may be assigned to each agent or you could have one call list and call distribution on a round-robin or first availability basis or skill basis to whichever agent is free. The dialer starts work by dialing two or more numbers at the same time. The first call picked up by a human is transferred to a live agent. Busy lines are dropped for redial later on. Answering machine calls result in the delivery of a recorded message.

The smarter, intelligent predictive dialer

Most predictive dialers work on algorithms with predefined or customizable parameters. Still, they are dumb, focusing only on a few key things like fast outbound dialing and connecting to an agent-based on estimated availability. It is time to switch to a smart, intelligent predictive dialer.

It is almost the same except that there are refinements by way of more artificial intelligence and machine learning in the software. You could even add in an intelligent conversational bot to reduce the load on human agents. However, the smart predictive dialer can do more:

    • Sense intent of caller and relevance and transfer call to an agent capable of better handling
    • Keep track of agents and initiate dialing at the right moment so that when a call is connected the called party does not have to wait or hang up
    • Prioritize numbers to be called and skip to those numbers instead of one by one dialing.
    • You could have a conversational bot to start the talk and then involve an agent when the called party requests human contact.
    • Be programmed to pick numbers to be called at the right time based on a variety of factors such as geographic location, time zone, occupation of the target, and so on
    • You could link the predictive dialer with an IVR and conversational bot for campaigns and surveys
    • The intelligent dialer monitors each agent’s performance and target’s responses to deliver better analytics
    • It keeps track of real-time hit rate, historical hit rate, number of agents and each agent’s way of working, customer responses

As can be seen, the predictive dialer is quite a step up from other forms of auto-dialers but its use is recommended in cases where you have a stockpile of leads that need fast and high volume follow-up. The smarter predictive dialer software is the one to choose since it can do more.

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