Pick From One of these Top 10 Auto Dialer Software in 2021

Auto Dialer Software

Business needs new customers in order to thrive. Equally, you must keep in touch with existing customers to get them to buy again. You need to have your sales teams calling thousands of people. Manual dialing will prove tiring and time consuming too. Auto dialers are the way to go to automate the task of dialing from selected numbers in a list.

Why auto dialers?

Should you go the manual way your employees will spend substantial amount of time in the manual dialing process and this can be waste of energy and time. Auto dialer software vastly improves productivity. It usually is part of call center software but these days you can get stand-alone solutions and plug the dialer into your IP PBX. Even within this you have separate types such as predictive dialer that will automatically initiate an outgoing call when it senses an agent nears the end of an ongoing call. Progressive dialer keeps track of all agents working on a list and initiates a call when an agent is free. Preview dialer shows details of called party on a screen pop up prior to initiating the call. These dialers may be able to detect if an answering machine responds or if the line is busy and then skip to the next number or even prioritize numbers from a list. Auto dialers are productivity tools and are available in plenty. You can take your pick from any of these.

1.  HoduCC

You wonder where this one sprang from. Hodusoft is one of those little known but superb performers in the field of call center software that integrates auto dialer software like predictive, progressive and preview dialer plus SMS/Voice broadcast, IVR, campaign management, AI, call recording, Zoho CRM or plug in to CRM in use plus options on in-premise or cloud hosted solution or even multi-tenant features all customized to suit your operations at no extra cost. If you want a solid, reliable and smart performer at low price with excellent support, Hodusoft should be the number one choice.

2. Phone Burner

Phone burner auto dialer software is as good as it gets and is best if you employ remote workers to handle campaigns. One interesting feature is that leads are automatically diverted to the right agent by its intelligent lead distributor. Users can share phone scripts and email templates and the software has features that allow you to set up a new agent with ease. The software includes power and preview dialer mode, local caller ID, voicemail, CRM and trackable emails. If you want a truly capable one, get this.

3. VanillaSoft

All you need to get started with VanillaSoft dialer is internet connection. This could be ideal if campaigns are not a regular feature of your business or if you want to have your mobile teams handle campaigns from where they are located. The dialer includes preview and progressive modes. You also get scripting to let agents do their job better of informing clients possibly leading to better conversions. You can customize scripts with guidance at each turn of the conversation. Among other features you also have in-call supervisor, voicemail, SMS, email, local caller ID, skill based routing and SalesForce integration.

4. Voicent Cloud

If you are looking for stand-alone auto dialer software, this is it. You also have options on add-ons for marketing automation. The software permits native CRM, offers a campaign builder, an agent dashboard and ability to play audio files during a conversation. The best feature yet is that you can call over SIP connection, over IP PBX and even analog phone lines. The company also offers affordably priced pay as you go plans starting at 4cents. This could be ideal auto dialer for startups.

5. Mojo

Small, medium and larger enterprises may need something different. Mojo fills the gap. Enterprises that have landlines can let their employees use the landline to connect with Mojo and then enjoy its auto dialer software features. The solution gives you lead management and marketing, navigable dashboard and preview mode dialing too. In addition you get voicemail, roving dialer so that employees can share permissions, live answer detection, time-zone calling guard, leader board and mobile caller ID. Mojo offers several plans and is worth a look.

6. Kixie

Cloud based Kixie auto dialer software can be deployed in minutes and even remote teams can gain access to start dialing through mobile apps or Chrome extension. You get local caller ID, AI integrated into the dialer, spam number flagging, lead prioritization, in-call coaching, voicemail drop, IVR, CRM integration and real time reporting.

7. Five9

Five9 reigns supreme in the field of auto dialer software. Big brands use it and the company’s call center software. Sheer numbers support its claim to be top dog: 5 billion call minutes are supported by Five9 and the company has been in operation for 20 years, trusted by 2000 businesses. What you get when you subscribe is predictive dialer, power dialer, progressive dialer and preview dialer bundled in.

8. CallHub

CallHub integrates everything into its call center software including voice and SMS broadcasting. The autodialer software integrates preview, predictive and robo dialing modes, the last playing pre-recorded messages. This can be a real time and money saver for startups planning campaigns to generate leads. Among its many features are local caller ID, follow up, live call monitoring, DNC, answering machine detection and phone number verification.

9. Nice inContact

Large enterprises with mega campaigns rely on this auto dialer software plus call center software o manage their outbound operations. You get performance management, CRM integration and a bundle of features built into this complete package. These are: automatic call distribution, predictive dialing, analytics, surveys, recording, CRM integration and IVR.

10.  Ring Central

Ring Central auto dialer is part of their call center software with omnichannel capabilities. The auto dialer software is feature rich and has progressive, preview and predictive modes you can set according to campaign in hand. Agents can configure settings according to calls and you can integrate it with your CRM as well as compliance tools. The software includes features such as in-call coaching, live answer detection, voice broadcast and real time reports.

So, there you have it: 10 recommended auto dialer software you can pick from for your 2021 campaigns.

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