Perk up Your Entire Workflow System by Investing in VoIP CRM Integration

VoIP CRM Integration

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is an essential business tool that helps keep track of all the interactions with existing and prospective customers. This business tool can be integrated with other tools to exchange data between two platforms. VoIP CRM integration allows VoIP service providers to connect a business’s CRM account with their business phone system. In this blog, you will learn about the VoIP integration with CRM and how businesses can benefit from this integration. 

About VoIP Integration

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) integration allows users to synchronize various advanced business tools with their phone system. The key benefit of integrating a phone system with third-party business tools is that it helps in eliminating assorted redundant manual tasks. The best thing about a VoIP phone system is that it can be operated on any device, including a mobile phone, laptop, desktop, and even a landline. Users just need to have a good internet connection to leverage the benefits of the VoIP phone system. 

A business phone system is necessary to make and receive calls. Apart from the business phone system, a business also uses various tools like CRM and helpdesk software. It might disturb the whole workflow when making a switch between the phone system and other software. It also takes a lot of time and effort to switch between the systems. VoIP integration can eliminate this time-consuming manual task and efficiently connect with the customers and prospects. 

About VoIP CRM Integration

VoIP CRM integration is simply the connectivity between a VoIP phone system and CRM software. This integration facilitates an automatic synchronization of information between both tools. CRM software helps companies to record and store all the important details and interactions with customers. When CRM software is integrated with the VoIP phone system, agents can easily access all the key details about the callers and serve them quickly in a better manner. Also, after a call has ended, agents need not manually feed all the call details into the CRM software as all the details will be saved and stored automatically in the system. Thus, it helps save a lot of time, energy, and effort for the agents, which they can utilize to improve their productivity and efficiency. 

Benefits of VoIP and CRM Integration

VoIP and CRM integration can make the entire workflow more efficient and streamlined. Agents can access the correct data on their screen and provide a quick resolution to customer’s queries. Also, customized workflows can be created using VoIP and CRM integration to execute certain tasks. With VoIP CRM integration, businesses can benefit in several ways such as: 

  • Effective data management: The CRM and VoIP integration allow companies to record all the essential data from start to end in a well-organized manner. Agents can use the data to customize their pitches while interacting with their customers or prospects. Also, support agents can access this data to know about the customer history to provide the right and fast solution to their customer’s queries without asking repeated questions. Since all the call-related information automatically gets recorded in the CRM software, it makes the follow-up job much easier and convenient for the agents.
  • Reduced operating costs: VoIP and CRM integration can significantly reduce a business’s operational costs. How? It eliminates the need to buy separate software, which ultimately saves the cost of investing in different software. In addition, a VoIP system lets agents manage their work more efficiently. This leads to better productivity and reduced unproductive man-hours. Most of the tasks become automatic, which means less or no errors. All this contributes to reduced business operating costs. 
  • Allow direct calls from the CRM: Businesses can eliminate various unnecessary manual steps from their workflow process with the help of VoIP and CRM integration. The most tiresome part of an agent’s job is to switch between the contact details and executing calls. With VoIP CRM integration, agents can get rid of such time-consuming tasks. They will have more time on hand, which allows them to make more calls.  More calls mean increased efficiency and productivity. The integration allows agents to be more organized and systematic as they can make direct calls from the CRM without wasting their time in switching between different tools. 
  • Quick and efficient post-call activities: After a call ends, the work of agents doesn’t stop. They need to record all the details and perform various formalities related to the call. When done manually, it takes a lot of time and effort and may also contain some errors. However, with VoIP and CRM integration in place, the agents cannot feed the data manually in the system. The integration streamlines all the post-call activities and formalities for agents. It automatically syncs all the data from the business phone system into the CRM. Other than feeding data, the integration also supports various functionalities like call recording and call notes. The integration also allows performing follow-up actions by automatically sending a series of follow-up calls, messages, e-mails, and various other actions. 
  • Improved customer relationships: Since the integration of VoIP and CRM makes the entire workflow smooth and efficient. It helps agents to provide better customer service. A smooth and engaging customer experience helps build strong and long-term relationships between the business and its customers. A strong bond with customers allows businesses to hold on to their loyal customers. The integration provides ease of use for the agents and an improved experience for the customers. 

All in all: 

Considering everything, it would be correct to say that VoIP CRM integration helps a business streamline its entire workflow system. Using this integration, businesses can assign all the monotonous tasks of contact management to software and allow their employees to manage other important tasks efficiently to bring out better business outcomes.

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