Make a Shift to Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution for Improved Customer Experience

Hosted Contact Center

A contact center, also known as a customer interaction center, is the central area where all customer interactions are managed across assorted channels. Contact center works to deliver effective and efficient customer service, sales assistance, and technical support. Nowadays, cloud contact center software solutions are in high demand. It is a highly efficient contact center solution that is hosted over the internet. 

In simple words, a cloud contact center solution can be defined as a system that-

  • Integrate several communications channels into a single system allowing agents to interact with their customers or clients easily and efficiently. They can communicate easily via email, text, voice, instant messaging, and other channels and keep a consistent record of all the interactions in one place. 
  • Facilitate advanced call routing supported by various unique features like auto-attendant and IVR (Interactive Voice Response). This ensures that customers reach the right agent or department quickly. 
  • Provide automated services such as music-on-hold, auto-attendants, and others to engage customers until an agent becomes available. 
  • Include workforce management tools to let agents and upper management manage their time efficiency. 
  • Allow concerned people easy access to high-level dashboards and detailed analytics such as call waiting time, agent idle time, average call duration, etc. All this information can be used to improve the workflow and optimize the contact center. 

A service provider generally hosts a cloud-based contact center. The service provider can be a telecom network operator or a dedicated contact center service provider. Since a third party hosts the contact center, organizations are not required to deploy and maintain any hardware systems. The agents and supervisors just need a device like phones or desktops to gain access to the system. The maintenance and other aspects will be taken care of by the service provider itself. Therefore, organizations can completely focus on improving their customer service experience, productivity, and profitability. 

Benefits of cloud-based contact center solution

The main reason why most businesses like this solution are that it is quick and easy to deploy and involves nominal upfront capital. Besides, businesses can reduce hardware setup overheads and while enjoying utmost flexibility in their workflow. All this leads to seamless customer service via different voice and digital channels. 

Below mentioned are some of the key benefits of using cloud-based contact center solutions, have a look:

  • Provide better support for a hybrid workplace environment: Today’s employers allow their employees to work from home as well as from the office. However, to facilitate an uninterrupted working environment, it is necessary to equip employees with the latest VoIP technology. An advanced cloud-based phone system lets employers manage their remote employees as well as in-office employees easily. It becomes easier to manage hybrid work environments when the same technology is used to carry out business communications. Instead of using various communication apps that might create confusion, businesses must choose a reliable and scalable platform to deliver a satisfactory experience to customers. It will not only help in improving communication but also help to avoid unnecessary expenses. 
  • Enhanced customer engagement: Another key benefit of using a cloud-based contact center solution is that it aids in improving customer engagement levels across numerous channels. In today’s competitive business world, customer experience plays a key role in deciding the success or failure of a business. It is the responsibility of customer service leaders to ensure a better customer experience across different communication channels. Contact center agents must be able to assist their customers whenever they need any help. Also, they must make sure to deliver the service via the customer’s choice of the communication channel. It can be through text, SMS, voice, email, social media, etc. Previously, companies were using several apps to respond to their customer’s queries. However, with the help of a cloud-based contact center, all the information can be stored in one place, which helps agents to customer service without interruption. Since all the history and essential information is readily available to agents, customers need not repeat themselves repeatedly across various interactions. Cloud contact center software solution is undoubtedly the best tool to improve customer experience across any communication channel. 
  • Increased productivity and efficiency: As today’s customers need to be addressed at every touchpoint, it may become difficult to measure success. To make it easier to measure the success level, businesses can use the overall resolution time and account loyalty instead of focusing on metrics such as average handle time to agent productivity. Nowadays, most organizations use digital channels, self-service systems, and proactive outreach tools to enhance their profitability. 
  • Easy scalability: With time, business needs also change. When talking about contact centers, cloud-based contact centers can be scaled up or down easily based on the key business requirements. Businesses need not worry about the capacity and hardware planning when scaling their contact center. As they grow, they need to update their process and workflow accordingly. Since contact center APIs are based on the pay-as-you-go model, businesses can enjoy the flexibility of scaling their business without worrying about any extra charges. 


These days, a myriad of cloud contact center software solutions are available on the market. Enterprises must choose a solution carefully, keeping in mind their key business needs. Before finalizing a service provider, they must also consider factors like their target customers, technology, and feature requirements.

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