Know About Auto Dialer and How it Works

Auto Dialer

Call center stake on projects that involve calling hundreds of thousands of prospective customers or following up leads. Efficiency and productivity depend on call throughput. Automation is necessary for this and the auto dialer software at the core of call center software handles outbound dialing.

What is Auto dialer?

Auto dialer software is a short form of an automatic dialer. In the early era of call center operations agents were given a list and had to dial outcalls on a manual basis. Auto dialers proved to be an improvement in automating this task. In brief, the auto dialer is linked to a list of phone numbers fetched from the CRM database and it carries out the task of dialing each number automatically. This task of dialing can be configured in several ways. One is that the dialer keeps track of a call and starts an outbound call when the existing call nears completion and keeps the next call ready. Another way is that the dialer initiates the dialing process when a call is completed. Yet another way is for the dialer to show details of the called party prior to starting the dialing. Auto dialer software starts the dialing process, checks if a human answers the phone, and only then connects the call to an agent. If it is an answering machine at the other end then the auto dialer software may be configured to deliver a text message or voicemail message.

How does auto dialer work?

You could get a stand-alone auto dialer and link it with your office IP PBX system should you plan outbound campaigns. In general the auto dialer is usually part of call center software that runs on a local computer. You need to be connected to the internet and have VoIP SIP server. Alternatively, the standard PSTN line could be used by plugging through a CTA. Dialing is taken care of by a modem that may be part of the software or a modem card in the motherboard slot.

When you plan to start a campaign you extract the list of phone numbers from your CRM database and link it with the auto dialer. You can have just one person or several persons linked to the list and auto dialer. Start the process and the auto dialer starts dialing out. If a human picks up the phone the auto dialer routes the call to the agent who is free. If the number is engaged the software may redial a set number of times and then, if there is no number, it will skip to the next. Intelligent dialers may dial more than one number and when one number responds through a human, the call is connected to a free agent even as other outbound dialing is in progress.

The auto dialer also carries out other functions. One is to keep track of calls and record them. If so desired, positive leads may be redirected to the CRM for follow-up. It can allow supervisors to listen, barge in, and whisper. It takes care of warm call transfers. You can use its reporting and analytics function to derive information that will improve efficiency.

The term auto dialer is generic covering specific purpose dialers such as a preview dialer, a progressive dialer, and a predictive dialer.

Auto dialer best practices

The auto dialer software you get may permit you to configure it in different ways to work as a preview dialer or a predictive or progressive dialer. It helps to follow best practices to get the most out of the software.

    • Never use auto-dialers for mass, unsolicited cold calling, or to deliver messages. In some countries, this could have legal repercussions.
    • Always start with a well-curated list to minimize incidents of calls going unanswered or into recording machines. It is best to work with live leads to optimize productivity and ROIs.
    • Make sure to segregate calls that go unanswered and calls in which called party declines to show any interest.
    • Train agents to make optimal use of the software without burning out
    • Segregate call lists and pick targets according to campaigns so that agents can focus on one topic at a time.
    • Make sure to set filters about time to call according to region and day of the week as well as target category’s profession.

Auto dialer software usually is connected with call center operations but there is no reason why businesses cannot get it and use it for sales campaigns and surveys. It will work wonders for you.

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