Key Responsibilities of Call Center Manager Regarding Employees

Call Center Manager Regarding Employees

The most common concerns of today’s call centers are unreliable employees, increased turnover rates, and general disengagement among workers. This usually happens when employees are not happy with the management. Call center managers must understand that happy customers are created by happy employees. To perk up customer experience, they must invest in employee engagement and happiness. Keeping the employee happy helps to run a call center business effectively. 

As per Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report, when employees feel engaged, they work hard to improve customer experiences and improve sales by about 20%. One of the best ways to boost employee engagement is by optimizing workflows. Creating a workflow that best fits the agent’s requirements will usually produce much better results for a call center business. 

How to create better workflows?

To create perfect workflows for call centers, the managers must access the strengths, weaknesses, as well as interests of each agent. After accessing each agent’s information, call center managers can create better workflows to accommodate them. 

Workflow management involves organizing the entire call center team to assign different types of customer interactions to different agents based on their strengths and knowledge. Different types of queries can also be categorized as part of the workflow management process for better handling of different types of questions. In case, managers are not sure about the success of a workflow, they can try implementing different workflows within their organization and modify them based on the feedback from employees and customers. 

Ways to enhance agent’s productivity and overall performance

To augment the call center performance, managers can use data. They can create achievable goals to keep employees engaged and productive. It is vital to make the most of the data by setting clear metrics for the call center team. For instance, by offering performance-related data to each agent, managers can let their employees know how well they are performing against the pre-set metrics. Based on the performance of each agent, managers can set individual goals to keep them personally challenged. 

Nowadays, many call centers are offering omnichannel services to support their agents as well as customers. These services help enhance employee engagement and overall call center performance. Omnichannel support involves keeping a record of customer interactions and histories and getting it available across channels. When customers’ previous data is shared across channels, they don’t have to repeat themselves each time they make a call to a call center agent.  

It is the responsibility of call center managers to train each of their agents to be compassionate and supportive irrespective of the channel they use to interact with customers. Frequent training sessions about new tools and technologies keep agents fully equipped to handle any challenges that may come in the path of offering a superior customer experience. 

Key responsibilities of call center manager

A manager at any call center usually oversees and monitors the proper functioning of the call center. He/she is responsible to ensure that everything is going smoothly between the organization and employees are performing their best to produce better results. Below mentioned are some of the key responsibilities of managers at a call center that must be performed carefully to ensure better productivity and call center performance:

  • Hire and train new call center agents as per the requirements of the organization
  • Clearly define the organization’s goals to associates so that each employee gets clear about his or her role
  • Create a task list for the call center routine activities and ensure they are achieved
  • Provide quick assistance and coaching to agents on an ongoing basis
  • Ensure the resources are being used in a better manner to produce optimal results
  • Analyze and process sales and other related reports for submission to management
  • Collect stats, data, and other relevant information at regular intervals (weekly, monthly, annually) and analyze them to enhance performance
  • Supervise employee’s performance and provide frequent feedback
  • Ensure conflict resolution (if any) between associates and customers
  • Make sure that employees are following all the rules and best practices implemented by the organization for better management and operations
  • Create presentations and other important reports to motivate and educate agents
  • Conduct surveys of customers and potential customers to ensure quality control
  • Design customer reward programs with clear goals

If a manager can perform all his duties perfectly, he can create a happy team. A happy team can create happy customers. Happy customers mean more business, hence increased profits. Some of the key ways managers can use to drive employee engagement include:

  • Motivate agents: Creating a competitive and fun atmosphere by motivating agents to meet and exceed the organization’s expectations to achieve specific objectives and business goals.
  • Provide coaching and mentoring: Managers must allow enough time for agents to track their performance and determine the areas that need improvement. Also, they should organize mentoring programs to boost confidence in low-performing agents. 
  • Giving credit to employees: Rewarding agents when they meet or exceed the company’s expectations helps to boost engagement. 
  • Allow time management: Allowing agents to have control over their work schedule empower agents with improved flexibility, visibility, and work-life balance. 
  • Become Voice-Of-The-Employee: Managers must listen to their agents to resolve their issues before it impacts their engagement and leads to turnover. 


To conclude, call center managers are like a backbone of a call center who is responsible for the proper management and functioning of the call center. He/she is the connecting link between the upper management and employees. If he can keep his employees happy, everything can be managed with ease. 

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