How VoIP Call Recording Works and Benefits of Call Recording for Business

VoIP Call Recording

Call recording are murky waters. There are laws governing telephone call records, especially in the US where section 18USC 2511(2)(d) indicates that calls may be recorded with the consent of one of the participants and that you must be party to the conversation. States across the US have different laws about call recordings. Even Europe that the General data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in place that makes it mandatory to have verbal consent before calls can be recorded. In this context, it is important to know about VoIP call recordings and benefits for business. In order to stay on the right side of the law you could tell the other party that you are recording the conversation for internal purposes. Data breach of Florida based marketing firm compromised 400000 call recordings that included customers’ names and credit card information. Social media is replete with instances of “leaked” call records. If there are worries, there are also upsides to call recording.

VoIP call recording

Standard phones rarely have call recording features unless you attach an external device. With VoIP telephony it is different. You could have a full-fledged IP PBX or app that lets you record conversations or, if you are on mobile, you could install an app or call recording solution that automatically captures audio stream and records it. How exactly does VoIP call recording work?

You can install call recording solution externally and configure it to work with your desktop or laptop or mobile device to capture incoming and outgoing call audio stream. The solution also saves the recording to disk in a chosen audio format such as .wav or .mp3. If it is a separate app you can activate it and it will work in the background.

VoIP call recording may be done in several ways.

    • Passive recording through packet sniffing tools
    • Active recording by activation of call recording solution or activating call recording from within the VoIP software such as IP PBX or call center software
    • Use hardware recording appliance wired to the VoIP telephone system to capture and record audio
    • Use hosted VoIP call recording services—VoIP service providers may be requested to activate call recording.

Software is the most widely used method to record VoIP calls. Even here, you could have the features built into your communication app or as a separate app to capture audio from phone and video calls as well as from Whatsapp, Skype, Google Talk and others. You can record in stereo or mono. You can record conversations between two people or an entire conference with several participants. Call recording solutions offer more flexibility when they are software based. You can also specify bit rate and compression to influence clarity and file size. Software solution may be launched, accessed and then you tap record button to record the call and it does the rest. You can stop recording by pressing the record button again or press the pause button to pause record. Some solutions even allow you to record automatically each time you make or receive a call.

VoIP call recording can help your business in several ways but do take to remain on the right side of the law!

Benefits of VoIP call recording solution for business

It would be best to get VoIP calling solutions such as IP PBX and Call Center Solutions that have integrated call recording features with options. You could also get standalone call recording solutions and configure it to automatically record calls or manually record them. Call records can have several benefits. Consider several scenarios.

Do away with taking notes

Managers and team members may get together in a conference or a bossy may give lengthy instructions to subordinates. Call recording solutions record such calls and obviate the need to take notes. Employees can refer to the recorded conversation to carry out tasks and retrieve information as may be relevant.

Maintain evidence

You may have a lengthy discussion with your customer or vendor. There may be oversights, misunderstanding or claims refuting what was said. When you have VoIP call recording solution to record calls you can always play back the call as evidence of what was discussed and agreed upon.

Customer and employee interaction, quality assurance, sales, reviews

One of the best uses to which you can put the VoIP call recording solution is for customer-employee interaction. Much useful information can be derived through careful analysis of recorded calls.

    • How long a conversation lasts and outcome
    • Does employee respond right, is he polite and considerate?
    • Do customers appear to be overbearing, peremptory and rude?
    • Find out which factors during the conversation are of use and which are extraneous so that employees can be trained to focus on essentials and save time while getting straight to the point
    • How do customers respond and react to different conversational styles and communication methods. You can improve by choosing what works best.
    • Keep employees safeguarded against wrongful accusations by malafide customers and to resolve disputes
    • If you conduct campaigns you can derive actionable insights by analyzing call records of outbound sales calls
    • Understand customer personalities and develop strategies to deal with different issues and situations by reviewing and analyzing recorded calls.
    • Miss not even the most insignificant things. A lengthy conversation may touch many points and it is easy to forget all that was discussed.
    • Employees will be more alert to using the right words, adopting the right tone and being more careful when they know calls are being recorded.
    • Customers may lodge complaints or they may shower praise through calls. Either way, accessing those recorded calls can help you improve your business. Positive testimonials can reinforce sales campaigns.
    • A new employee or another employee may have to be brought into an existing case. He can update knowledge of the case by listing to all past conversations.

Call records give you insights through hindsights and a peek into future behaviors as well as the means to transform operations for the better. The call recording solution is simply priceless and invaluable.

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