How to Prepare Yourself for Video Conferencing While Working Remotely

Video Conferencing While Working Remotely

Video conferencing has become an important part of today’s businesses. As remote work is gaining popularity, video meetings have become more important than ever. It keeps people working from home communicating and collaborating effectively. After the pandemic, a large number of companies are allowing their employees to work from home. As per a report by Grand View Research, the global video conference market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.2 % from 2018 to 2025. Since video conferences are the best way to stay connected with each other irrespective of the working location, remote workers must know how to make use of this service effectively. 

Benefits of a video conference solution:

Some of the key benefits of cloud-based video conference solutions include:

  • Improved communication and collaboration with other employees and customers
  • Increased productivity
  • Better efficiency
  • Scalability
  • Reduced costs
  • Limited side conversations

Know-how of how to make the best use of video conferencing software can make a video meeting successful. Employees that are working remotely must get themselves technically ready by assuring that all the technical aspects of web and video conferences are in order. They must keep everything prepared ahead of time before the call starts. 

Checklist to keep web and video conferences in order:

Here’s an important checklist of things that remote workers must be prepared with before getting started with a video conference:

  • Good internet connection: The first and foremost requirement for placing or receiving a video conference call is a good quality internet connection. Make sure that your internet connection or Wi-Fi signal is strong enough to handle both voice and video conference calls. 
  • Latest software: Also make sure that you are using the latest version of the video meeting software. An up-to-date software will facilitate all the advanced features and functionalities that are essential for a successful video conference meeting. You can also use a web-based business video conference software where you just need to sign in to get started with the meeting. 
  • A clear and strong visual presence: For successful video conference calls, it is important to make a clear and strong visual presence. No matter if you are working from the home, office, or from any other location, you must give a visual presence with controlled lighting, pleasant visual background, and reduced ambient noise. TO ensure a clear and strong visual presence, you can turn on the camera before starting the meeting and take a good look at yourself, your background, and the kind of lighting. A clear and clutter-free background is necessary to avoid distracting the other participants. 

How to prepare for a video conference call?

Before participating or organizing a video conference call, you must prepare yourself to organize the thoughts that you want to share in the meeting. When you are well-prepared for the meeting, the chances are higher that the call will be more productive. Here are some of the important tips to prepare for the video conference meeting: 

  • Prepare an agenda: If you are organizing the video conference call, make sure to send out the agenda to all the participants at least a day before the meeting time. The agenda must clarify what the meeting is all about and what exactly you expect from each participant. 
  • Clarify your role: If you are not the organizer and need to join the meeting as a participant, make sure to clarify your role. Simply reach out to the organizer of the video conference call and ask him/her about your role in the meeting. It will help you to prepare in advance for the video conference and allow you to contribute your best. 
  • Know other participants: You must also find out the other participants who will be on the call. It will help to know who all are in the meeting. 

How to present yourself during a business video conference call?

It is important to present yourself in the best possible manner, especially when you are in a business video conference call. Here are some of the key tips to present your best:

  • Be attentive: During the video conference call, you must be very attentive in mind as well as the body. Instead of looking here and there, look into the camera. Pay attention to whoever is speaking or giving a suggestion just as if you are sitting in a conference room. It is also important to react properly to the comments given by the speaker or other participants in the meeting. Make certain to use appropriate body language while reacting to the comments. Don’t give a comment unless you have been told to ask a question or contribute your feedback or suggestion. 
  • Takedown important notes: Jotting down the instant thoughts and other details can be really beneficial for you. You can note down any queries or questions that you want to ask the speaker or other participants. You can also provide valuable comments based on the points you have noted during the entire meeting. This will certainly help in creating a good impression on other participants. 
  • Fill in the gaps: There may be a lot of visual information provided by the speaker during a video conference call. There are chances that you may miss out on important details. So whenever you need to break eye contact with the camera or other participants, it is advisable to explain what you are doing. For example, you may be writing notes, or going through a document related to the discussion, etc. 
  • Call recording: If it is possible to record the conference call, then you must record it. You can keep the recording for future reference. The recording can also be helpful to go through all the important points discussed in the meeting whenever you want. 

What to do after the call ends?

You must remember to do a follow-up after every video conference call. Make use of the note that you prepared during the meeting to send follow-up emails and group messages. 


Hope the above guide will be helpful for you to know the process of video conferencing from the starting till the end of the meeting.  Knowledge of video conference tools and the process will help you to perform smoothly and effectively while working remotely.

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