How MSPs can Help Businesses to Strengthen their Communication Power in 2022

MSPs can Help Businesses

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, every business needs to keep up with the constantly changing demand and requirements of their customers. It has become utmost important to provide better communication solution to employees and customers. Since the remote working system is growing at a rapid pace, implementing solutions that support the remote workforce is very important. VoIP and UCaaS are the best solutions or offerings for MSPs to support remote workforces. 

With the help of cloud-based systems, businesses can empower their employees to communicate efficiently using their personal devices like computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. They can use any device to make and receive calls just like a traditional phone system.  VoIP or virtual systems offer employees more benefits than traditional phone systems. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows users to communicate effectively without compromising on the quality of calls or productivity. They can easily receive text messages and voicemails via email, modify call routes, and use a variety of pre-recorded directories as per their requirement. 

As 2022 is about to start, it’s the right time to implement various effective ways to empower and enhance the businesses your MSP (Managed Service Provider) supports. The key reason why MSPs must continue to find ways to deliver long-term value to their business clients is to enhance customer retention. Yes, companies, especially the IT services firms that deliver superior solutions to their clients are likely to enjoy higher retention and increased revenue. Apart from basic networking, patching, and help desk solutions, MSPs must provide solutions that assure greater value for today’s businesses. Communication is perhaps the most important option for enhancing customer satisfaction and productivity. 

With a swiftly growing WFH and hybrid work environment, businesses need virtual collaboration tools to enhance their productivity while keeping everyone connected. Here are some of the key options that MSPs can offer to empower their clients and team members. 

  • Providing an all-in-one platform: The key advantage of UCaaS for MSPs is that it enhances the ability of MSPs to integrate all communication applications into one single platform. These applications include text, voice, video, messaging, and other critical business applications. Facilitating everything into a single platform not only saves time but also improves the efficiency of remote workers as well as office staff. The best thing about Unified communications as a service (UCaaS), it allows employees to access the platform using their choice of device. The only requirement is that the device must be connected to the internet. The flexibility that these streamlined communications systems benefit both business owners as well as employees. Therefore, providing a unified platform to the clients for hosting video meetings, storing and sharing documents, and other data is an outstanding solution to boost their productivity. Making all the clients’ information available in a single place like documents, files, voice/video recording, calendars, and more allows better usage of information. It also helps in improved tracking and management of projects. 
  • Easy scalability: Offering clients the ability to add or remove services as per their requirements is another best option for improving communication. Unlike traditional phone systems, VoIP/UCaaS doesn’t require your clients to purchase new equipment or take a lot of your team’s time to get them adapted to the solution. Similarly, during downscaling, clients don’t have to pay for extra equipment and unused extensions. With the help of UCaaS, one can easily turn on or turn off communication lines, thereby allowing clients to avoid paying any unnecessary costs associated with equipment installation and disconnection. This way businesses can increase customer satisfaction and retention rates. At the same time, they can enjoy better, long-term revenue options. 
  • Task management solutions: In today’s complex business environment, tracking tasks, goals, and projects, especially in remote work environments is quite difficult without the right tools. For proper tracking and management of distributed workforce, it is vital to provide applications that will keep everyone at the same pace. Task management solutions and tracking tools provide a comprehensive overview of the complete workflow and specific projects to augment productivity. Business clients appreciate the apps that deliver outstanding task management solutions to simplify the whole work.
  • Messaging application: In today’s business environment, it is necessary to have messaging applications. These messaging apps can be used to provide instant feedback to employees, or employees can use them to chat with their colleagues. In all, these apps are an outstanding way to stay connected with each other. The additional functionality like file sharing, accessing archives, creating separate groups and channels, all help in enhancing the efficiency of an organization. 
  • Web conferencing tools: Since it is not possible to communicate everything using the chat option, companies can use web conferencing tools for communication purposes. Web conferencing tools are important for providing brainstorming sessions and sharing feedback with the additional benefit of seeing everyone. Nowadays, there are many apps that allow users to share their screens, use drawing tools, and remotely manage various features. All these functionalities allow creating an in-person experience, irrespective of whether an employee works remotely or at the office. 


A good communication flow is the key to success for today’s businesses. It is vital to provide all the power of communication tools to the businesses that MSP supports. A proper communication solution will not only help to strengthen productivity but will also help to boost customer retention rates and ultimately the profits.

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