How Customer Support is Different From Customer Service

Customer Support and Customer Service

Do you know that customer support and customer service both are different? Yes, though both these terms seem similar, there is a difference between them. For today’s businesses, providing satisfactory customer support and service plays the most important role in the success of their business. Let’s look at these terms in detail.

What Do You Understand By Customer Support?

Customer support is simply the team of people/agents who assist customers with a business’s products or services whenever the customers have any trouble related to the company’s products or services. The customer support team is largely focused on troubleshooting customer’s issues. Besides this, they also assist customers with installation, maintenance, upgrading service, etc. 

In simple words, customer support services can be described as the modern personification of internal technical support that most companies provide. The reasons why customer support services are getting more popular worldwide include:

  • Increase in SaaS Approach: The rise in the Software as a Service (SaaS) approach has made remote installation and operation of software quite easier. Due to this rise, technical support teams can focus more on building customer relationships. 
  • Growth of E-Commerce: Another key reason behind the popularity of customer support services is the growth of e-commerce. E-commerce today has become a prevalent part of many businesses that have increased online customer support. 

Today, customers can easily connect with the particular customer support team as and when required via a number of communication channels, including phone, mobile app, social media, etc. Offering well-organized and prompt customer support is essential to keep up with the growing competition in today’s marketplace. Customer support helps customers resolve their issues quickly and effectively and helps businesses deliver a superior customer experience while retaining customers for a long period. It further helps businesses in enhancing their brand reputation. 

How Does Customer Support Work?

The customer support team aims at delivering proactive technical support while maintaining customer care. The interaction starts when the customer reaches out to a company’s customer support center via their choice of the communication channel. They can ask their question or query and the available agent will provide the most appropriate solution to the customer’s queries. It is vital to note that the customer support interaction should not end until the customer resolves their query. 

Offering good customer support is essential to meet the expectations of customers each and every time. It is believed that satisfied customers are willing to spend more with companies that provide excellent customer support experiences. So, how to deliver superior customer support? Let’s look at how businesses can deliver better customer support.

Ways to Provide Good Customer Support

Here are some of the most effective ways for businesses to deliver superior customer support, have a look:

  • Good Soft Skills Along With Technical Skills: Make certain that the agents have good soft skills and technical ones to ensure better customer support service. A personalized touch is necessary for resolving customer’s issues with their choice of technology. 
  • Support Agents as Strategic Partners: Always remember that technical issues need technical answers. A customer support agent with excellent technical know-how should always be there to tackle technical problems faced by the customers. In this case, the kind of help offered, when, how, and to whom it is offered matters a lot. A skilled technical agent can provide the right support as he/she can easily diagnose the problem and resolve the issue quickly and effectively. 
  • Build Understanding Into Each Interaction: It is vital to show empathy and compassion in each interaction. No matter the number of calls agents have already answered, each customer call should be handled carefully with a great understanding of the customer’s issue. 
  • Develop Customer Support Outcomes and KPIs: Businesses can also try using key performance indicators (KPIs) such as Net Promoter Scores (NPS), CSAT, and churn rates. However, these KPIs must be reviewed regularly to determine where they can evolve. 

Now let’s know about customer service and how it is different from customer support. 

What Do You Understand By Customer Service?

As mentioned above, the customer support team is largely focused on resolving the technical issues in the short term. However, customer service plays a key role in building great and long-lasting relationships and partnerships. We can say that customer service is an all-inclusive term that comprises all the interactions between the agents and the customers and aims to augment the customer experience. Customer support can be considered as one type of interaction under customer support service. 

One key thing to note is that customer service is important for all types of business. However, it is not required for all businesses to provide customer support. 


Though both the fields involve assisting customers, use similar tools like phone, chat, email, and others for communication, and implement similar skills to enhance customer satisfaction, they are different from each other. Customer support is a type of customer service that involves technical problem solving, documentation, product feedback, etc. In contrast, customer service is an entire umbrella term that involves all the interactions that assist customers.

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