How Companies Can Deliver Exceptional Customer Support Using Multichannel Contact Center?

Customer Support Using Multichannel Contact Center

Today’s customers prefer using different channels to get the solution for their requests. A multichannel contact center is the best solution for businesses to handle their customer’s requests via their choice of a communication channel. Being responsive to various channels can help businesses in offering the best possible experiences to their customers. 

Though voice or phone calls remains the primary inbound support channel, it is equally important to pay attention to other methods as well such as:

  • Web chat
  • Email
  • Text messaging (SMS)
  • Social media

A multichannel contact center that provides agents with different ways to interact with customers, offers advanced functionality as compared to its predecessors. Usually deployed as a cloud contact center, multichannel empowers support and sales agents to engage over digital channels. It facilitates customer interactions in various ways including voice, Interactive voice response (IVR), email, web chat, social media, text messaging (SMS), etc. 

The benefits of a multichannel cloud contact center

A multichannel cloud contact center is an excellent customer care solution that can be integrated with multiple touchpoints. Companies can make all these touchpoints (voice, text, web, and social media) accessible via an internet server. There are several benefits of employing a multichannel system for companies, such as:

  • Easy accessibility: Users can access a multichannel cloud contact center from virtually anywhere. This way it eliminates the requirement for increased physical infrastructure while perfectly meeting the growing demands of today’s customer communication preferences. 
  • A single view of the customer: Though companies can offer support across channels with a multichannel approach, they can get all the information accessible in a single place. It means that if a customer makes a shift from one channel to another, say from a live chat to voice support, the agents can still have a single record of that customer. They can get the detailed information of that customer that the customer went through. This single view of the customer allows companies to provide better support and an excellent customer experience. 
  • Better customer engagement: Offering effective customer engagement is the key priority of all organizations. Being available on all the channels of communication with your customers and proactively assisting them is the first step towards customer engagement, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. This can be achieved successfully with the help of a multi-channel customer care contact center.
  • Quick support: By using the customer’s preferred communication channel, companies can assure quick and reliable support to the customers. With a multi-channel approach companies can provide instant support via live chats, emails, voice, social media, and other channels. By accessing the past customer behavior and history, agents can offer quick and intelligent support. 
  • Improved brand image: By attending and answering customer comments at all the touch-points while having all the information about the customer sentiment, companies are not only able to provide better support but also enhance their brand image. 

The pricing model for multichannel cloud contact center 

Since most multichannel deployments are offered via the cloud, the users just need to pay for what they are going to use. For instance, if you want to use only the voice, email, and chat option, you need to pay for these channels only. Users can also get this software as a subscription model, also termed as Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS). Those who want to support their customers via every possible communication means, can opt for all channels available with multichannel. 

A shift towards an omnichannel approach

Most companies these days are using an omnichannel approach to support their customers. An omnichannel contact center is a multichannel contact center that allows enterprises to assist and resolve their customer requests across different channels at the same time. For instance, if a customer reaches the customer care department via an online chat and then through a call to get an update about the same, the agent can easily access the chat information and continue the conversation on call to provide the best possible resolution to the customer request. 

How is omnichannel different from multichannel?

Well, there are not too many differences between multichannel and omnichannel. Both are modern methods of offering better customer support. However, the seamless transition from one medium to another can be considered as a key difference between the two. Omnichannel offers automation between channels, thus allowing autonomous and easy channel support for both the customers and the agents. 

So, when it comes to choosing between omnichannel vs. multichannel, it’s essential to determine the way your customers prefer reaching your support team. If they are using multiple touchpoints, it is better to opt for an omnichannel contact center. 

How does a multichannel cloud contact center enhance the customer experience?

Nowadays, companies can easily get a customized multi channel solution to meet their key contact center requirements.  Through this single software, they can connect multiple touchpoints to deliver an omnichannel customer experience and enhance customer satisfaction. This way, enterprises can use multichannel to:

  • Facilitate multi channel interactions that form an end-to-end customer journey
  • Provide personalized and well-integrated customer service solutions 
  • Offer a consistent customer experience at every touchpoint without any delays 
  • Perform a flexible and scalable deployment 


If you are planning to update your contact center solution, make sure to include all the channels that a customer is already using or might use to reach you. A multichannel contact center solution is definitely the best tool to strengthen your customer relationships.

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