How Businesses can Benefit From Different Types of Auto Dialers?

Auto Dialer Software

Searching for the best ways that can help enhance agents’ productivity? If yes, then auto dialer software is the best tool for call centers that can effectively augment the productivity of sales, support, and marketing teams. Several call centers are already utilizing the benefits of auto-dialers in the process of lead generation and customer retention. An auto dialer can bring instantaneous results by improving revenues and lowering operating costs. It also reduces the time an agent usually takes for a job to be done. 

Why is auto dialing better than manual dialing?

Manually dialing a number may take about 10-15 seconds. An agent generally has to make dozens of calls each day. Even a delay of 10-15 seconds for each call can add up to a substantial loss of efficiency. Manual dialing can also lead to manual errors, causing further delays. Since auto dialing prevents the need for manual dialing, it saves a lot of time for agents that they can utilize in speaking to a customer or a prospect. 

How does an auto dialer work?

An auto dialer or automatic dialer is software that utilizes Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) to dial telephone numbers that are fed into it automatically, on behalf of agents. When a number is dialed and the recipient answers the call, the auto dialer either connects the call to a live agent or plays a recorded message. 

Types of auto-dialers for call centers

To utilize the assorted benefits of an auto dialer it is essential to choose the right dialer. However, so many choices are available today in the market, it becomes quite tricky to choose the right one. Let’s have a look at different types of auto dialers and tips to choose the best one. 

There are basically three types of auto dialer software that are widely used to streamline call center processes. 

  • Preview dialer
  • Power dialer
  • Predictive dialer

About preview dialer

Preview dialers are just like a telephone book. The system presents a list of target customers to the agent. The agent can go through all the important information or history of a particular customer before placing a call. A preview dialer is usually the first kind of auto dialer that businesses choose before upgrading to more complex systems. It is much more efficient than a manual dialing system. 

Since the agents can preview the key details about the prospect/customer, it enables them to prepare in advance. This helps to save a lot of time for both the agents as well as customers. Moreover, knowledge about the history and other details of prospect/customer help agents to offer a more personalized experience. This way a preview dialer feature allows agents to benefit from automation while ensuring positive customer relationships. In all, a preview dialer is the best suitable option for businesses that are indulged in offering highly personalized services such as customer data collection, appointments, reminders, etc. 

About power dialer

Power dialer is another most popular type of auto dialer that helps call center agents to consecutively dial the following number after they have completed their call. As soon as an agent indicates that he is available to take the next call, the dialer automatically dials the next number on the contact list. As soon as the recipient answers the call, the power dialer immediately connects the call to the available agent. This way, a power dialer allows agents to make non stop calls without the need to pick or dial numbers manually. 

Besides, a power dialer saves a lot of time by reducing manual tasks, minimizing downtime, and improving overall productivity. A power dialer is the best suitable and powerful cold calling automation tool for call centers that have to dial hundreds of numbers every day.  

About predictive dialer

The predictive dialer is the best dialer used by call centers to place multiple outbound calls concurrently. As soon as the recipient answers the call, the dialer transfers the call to the next available agent. The thing that makes predictive dialers different from other dialers is that it takes into account multiple variables to predict the time when the next agent would be ready to take the new call. 

So, how does a predictive dialer calculate the agent’s availability to take the next call? Well, it calculates the time that each agent would take to answer a call and the possibility of a prospect/caller answering the call. Based on this calculation, the dialer makes calls dynamically. For instance, a call center agent takes an average of 2 minutes per call, the predictive dialer will place the next call for that particular agent every 3 minutes. This way, the predictive dialer provides enough time for the agent to finish the current call and prepare for the next one. This further reduces the agent’s idle time between calls. Moreover, it helps in improving the agents’ productivity without affecting the customer experience. 

Thus, a predictive dialer is the best suitable option for call centers that have to deal with a large number of agents and huge call volumes daily.  

How to select the best  auto-dialer for your business?

Since each type of auto-dialer comprises a specific purpose, choosing the right dialer completely depends on the needs and goals of a company. When choosing an auto-dialer for your business, make sure to consider:

  • The size of your company: If it’s a large business that needs to make a huge volume of calls, a predictive dialer is the best option. If it’s a small business that needs to make fewer calls a day, a preview dialer would be the best choice. 
  • Types of customers: If your business needs to keep an ongoing relationship with a customer, then a preview dialer is the right choice. For homogenous customer groups where an agent is required to repeat the same message, predictive dialers would be a more productive option. 
  • Type of calls: If your business needs to make highly personalized calls with an existing customer, preview dialers are best. On the other hand, if your business is largely indulged in making announcements or delivering the latest offers, power dialers might work well.

Based on your key needs and goals, choosing the most appropriate dialer can significantly boost the outcomes of your business. 


Though auto dialers seem a simple feature, it plays a big role in the success of a business. An auto dialer software can completely change the way a call center works. All the above-mentioned dialers play a significant role in improving the consistency of calls, ability to address different complex issues, agent’s efficiency, and overall productivity of the call center.

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