How Automatic Call Distribution helps to Cater Wide Range of Customers

Automatic Call Distribution

Today’s customers don’t like to wait for too long to get their issues resolved. Right? So, what businesses can do to reduce customers’ wait time? Well, an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system can be used to deal with such an issue. Most businesses are already using this popular call center feature to distribute their calls intelligently. Businesses can set up ACD software to route calls according to their as well as their customer’s requirements. When combined with other advanced business phone system features, ACD helps to enhance the customer experience without paying any additional costs. In this blog, we will discuss the role of ACD in serving more customers and lowering costs. 

The need to distribute calls automatically

Whenever a customer makes a call with an issue, they expect a quick resolution of their issue. About 90% of customers that contact a call center expect the resolution of their issue in one call itself. First Call Resolution or FCR is one of the most important call center metrics. By measuring and analyzing the FCR rate well, call centers can optimize various things such as:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Decline customer churn
  • Better employee engagement
  • Enhance customer experiences
  • Get real-time analytics and dashboards
  • Improve customer referrals

How useful an ACD system is?

The ACD system allows call centers to distribute their incoming calls and direct them to specific extensions or groups. The destination where calls are directed is defined by preset rules and criteria. Various factors that are considered when distributing calls using an ACD system include:

  • Caller ID
  • Support level required
  • IVR selections
  • Business hours

These factors help an incoming call reach the most appropriate agent or department without the need to dial a separate number or wait for long to get their call routed to the desired destination. An ACD system is highly useful in managing large call volumes and boosting the efficiency of call centers. 

Benefits of an ACD system

Some of the key benefits of implementing an ACD system for businesses include:

Quick and intelligent call response: One of the key benefits of an ACD system is the instant response to incoming calls. Using this system, call centers can quickly and intelligently divert the incoming calls to the most appropriate team or agent so that they can get their query resolved in the first interaction itself. The system automatically routes the call to the best department or agent through predefined rules. As a result, this telephony system improves customer experiences and satisfaction.

Better productivity: Since an ACD system connects the customers to the most appropriate agents who are well-trained and skillful in dealing with specific issues, they can easily receive the calls and efficiently handle the needs of the customers. When agents have the capability to handle specific needs, they are likely to deliver meaningful business interactions and solutions with better confidence. This way, an ACD system helps in increasing agents’ productivity and efficiency. 

Enhanced branding: In the branding of any business, the customer experience plays the most crucial role. When customers get the right treatment and quick responses from a company, they are likely to recommend the brand name to others either by speaking to other people or by giving the best reviews about the services of a business. Using an ACD system, agents can personalize each caller’s interactions by getting the correct details related to the customer’s profile and their previous conversations. After all, when a customer feels relevant and valued, they are most likely to become an unpaid ambassador of that particular company. 

Role of ACD system in improving customer experience

When calls are managed successfully with complete efficiency, it automatically increases the customer satisfaction level across the call center. Customers feel more satisfied and happy when they reach the appropriate agent in the shortest amount of time and get the best solution to their query or concern. This way ACD plays a very important role in improving customer experience. 

For today’s customers, faster response matters a lot. About two-thirds of customers can wait on hold for up to 2 minutes only. They prefer quick response and that too via their choice of the communication channel. Therefore, businesses in this omnichannel world must focus on delivering a consistent experience across interactions. They must optimize their inbound call routing system to create:

  • Shorter wait times
  • Better resolution rates
  • Fewer unwanted callbacks
  • Consistent data tracking in CRM
  • Positive word of mouth on social media

When a customer is connected with the right agent, it not only increases customer satisfaction but also enhances the agent’s capabilities and efficiency. Also, when the ACD system is integrated with CRM, it reduces the need for people to repeat themselves or call in more than required. 

Role of ACD system in overall cost reduction

An Automatic Call Distribution system can greatly reduce the costs associated with transferring calls across different departments or agents. When a customer gets the resolution of their query in the first call itself, it eliminates the need for multiple call transfers. This further contributes towards creating a better customer experience as well as increased cost-savings per call.

With an ACD system, businesses can delight more customers within a shorter period, with a fewer number of calls and transfers. Moreover, a cloud-based ACD system eliminates the costs associated with maintenance and other upfront expenses. With fewer phone lines and less staff, businesses can easily manage their entire customer care department. 


It would be correct to say that an Automatic Call Distribution system is the most important tool that businesses must have, especially those that need to deal with a large volume of calls on an everyday basis. It not only helps in delivering better customer experiences but also reduces costs related to call transfers, maintenance, etc.

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