How AI and VoIP Work Together to Bring Improved Business Results

How AI and VoIP Work Together

Today VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has become a popular business phone system worldwide. The seamless VoIP communication not only provides financial benefits but also improves the quality of customer service greatly. Due to the digital revolution, several technologies are coming up. A large number of businesses are using these technologies to enhance the functionality of their business. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one such example that is experiencing a huge demand in the current business scenario. Businesses are increasingly using AI to automate their day-to-day manual tasks. 

By bringing together both VoIP and AI and implementing them in several areas, businesses can benefit in several ways. Below mentioned are some of the key ways in which using VoIP and AI together can yield several benefits for businesses. 

Improved customer support centers: Using AI with business VoIP systems can greatly enhance customer support center operations. Nowadays, many businesses are using Automated Voice Response (AVR) technology in their support centers. It is an automation tool that helps in managing the incoming calls, thereby improving the entire VoIP phone system. The use of AVR technology assures that all the incoming customer calls are answered quickly and transferred to the most appropriate agent without any delay. 

These days, many businesses are implementing AI along with AVR technology in the customer support system. Many popular companies like HP, IBM, and many others are using AI as their online support tool. AI can further enhance the process by handling and managing various customer transactions for the most common support requests. Being able to complete certain tasks on its own, AI allows agents to focus on other important or complex tasks. For instance, agents can concentrate on resolving other complex issues that require agent interference. 

Besides, businesses are extending the AVR technology to chatbots. You must be familiar with the term Chatbots. These are the automated systems that can accept typed as well as voice instructions and information. Based on the instruction or information received, they automatically perform various tasks. 

The use of AI along with AVR in the business VoIP system brings immense benefits to an organization. These benefits include reduced costs of operation, a more focused team, reduced or no waiting time, improved customer satisfaction, and better profits. Looking at the growing usage of AI in business VoIP systems and the advantages that these technologies bring together for an organization, it might be possible that in the future all the customer service operations will be performed automatically without the need for human intervention. 

AI for automated network configuration and management: Earlier and even today, many organizations find it quite labor-intensive to design and manage the networks. Especially the large, complex multi-site networks require a lot of time and labor for better design and management. To prevent the need for a labor-intensive job, organizations are slowly moving towards the development of Intent-Based networks (IBN). IBNs are self-configuring and self-managing networks. 

The most important aspect of Intent-Based networks (IBN) is Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. It allows network technicians to perform low-level configuration and management tasks. For instance, configuring a switch is a labor-intensive task. It involves configuring each port individually. This not only takes a lot of time but may also lead to costly downtime. Here comes the role of AI. Artificial Intelligence technology can automate the switch configuration task. The technicians just have to replace the old switch with a new one. The IBN will automatically configure the new switch. The automation of configuration benefits businesses in many ways. It helps them to save a lot of time and reduce downtime. Moreover, there is no need to hire a large team of network specialists. 

AI in conference calls: AI has also emerged as an outstanding tool in conference calls. For today’s businesses, conference calls have become a very important part. To improve the quality of conference calls, several businesses are utilizing the benefits of AI technology. It is largely used as an automatic translation tool to assure better multisite and multi-country conferences. The ability to recognize voice makes AI a perfect tool for business VoIP conference calls. It can easily identify individuals and showcase the most relevant information as they talk. 

Enhanced marketing support: Businesses make use of call analysis software to avail the accurate details related to their VoIP systems. It provides details like the number of calls received, call duration, from and to information, time of call, etc. This analysis is generally used to create billing information. However, to analyze call data, businesses need specialized software that can appropriately record the call data. 

With the help of AI, businesses can easily perform real-time call analysis. AI is very helpful in determining call patterns, analyzing different languages (words and phrases used in VoIP communication), call timings, and various other information. Thus, deliver valuable information for the sales and marketing team. 


These are some of the key ways how AI and business VoIP can together enhance the overall functionality of today’s businesses. More and more businesses are implementing these technologies into their system and leveraging their benefits. We can expect increased use of AI in the near future which will greatly reduce the need for human intervention in delivering better customer service. AI and VoIP will together boost business success and customer satisfaction.

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