Do you accept guest blogs?

Sachar Blog welcomes guest authors to share their innovative ideas and knowledge on various topics for telephony, VoIP, and cloud-communication. However, before submitting an article, read through our guidelines.

Does the author be given credit for the content?

Yes, why not! If you have spent hours creating such an informative article, why wouldn’t we resist you? We give credit to the authors with a section called author bio at the end of the article.

Who can write for Sachar Blog?

An industry expert who holds sound knowledge of telephony, VoIP, cloud-communications can send us their article with our mentioned guidelines. However, if you are associated with the above-mentioned industry and think you have something unique to share with our audience, feel free to send articles. Do not forget to read our writing guidelines before submitting your article.

What is the length of a blog for this platform?

We prefer a well-structured, informative article of 800-1000 words. 

Are there specific guidelines for article submission?

Sachar Blog strictly adheres to the defined guidelines while publishing any article. Read through the article submission guidelines here. 

How long does it take to publish my article?

Well, it depends. Once you submit your blog, our editors will make the necessary changes (if any), then we can proceed further. But, we will publish your article as soon as possible. 

Is multiple article submission from the same author is accepted?

Of course! As long as the article follows Sachar Blog’s guidelines, we won’t have any issues publishing multiple blogs from the same author. 

Can I get paid for article submission?

We do not pay for any article submitted on our website.

Can I submit my article on other platforms?

Only with a given credit to Sanchar Blog. If you have the right to republish your article elsewhere, citing Sanchar Blog as the article’s original publisher. 

Do I have to send an outline before submitting a blog?

Not necessarily, but you can if you want. You can send us an outline and a brief about what will be in your article. This will help us to guide whether your article can be published on our site. 

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