Compare the Top 10 Best IP PBX Software of 2021

TOP 10 IP PBX Software for 2021

Before we jump to describing the top 10 IP PBX solutions for 2021 let’s travel back in time to 2013 when Marty Parker published an article on forecasting the demise of PBX or IP PBX. No, this was not a sweeping generalization but referenced to voice only communications, mentioning UC in the same breath. Yes, 8 years later, IP PBX software has evolved and is thriving even as platforms such as Asterisk and Freeswitch allow for greater and smoother integration of wide-ranging codecs and protocols as well as API integrations to smooth the UC experience. From another perspective you would expect WebRTC to make inroads into IP PBX but that is not the case; on the contrary, IP PBX now integrates WebRTC for seamless audio-video calls and conferences plus document exchange. Now, let us take a look at few IP PBX solutions, not necessarily the best, top 10 IP PBX software for 2021 and not in any particular order.


  1.  HoduPBX – IP PBX Software

Along comes a company that throws everything into the basket and offers it an absurd price so low it is almost criminal. This is HoduPBx that includes UC, even multi-tenant IP PBX software for enterprise and ITSP service providers, auto provisioning with support for all IP Phones, prepaid and post paid billing, configurable rates, language and currencies, payment gateway integration and lots more. If you like BLF & presence, you have it right here. If you want WebRTC integration, no need to ask, it is there. You want analytics you get it with the backing of AI algorithms. Yes, there is multi-level IVR, automatic call distribution, facility to integrate to third party CRM or get Zoho, direct inward system access, click to call and more than what you will use. We would say, go for this little guy, he is better than the biggest in major respects including support.

 2. 3CX

You simply cannot overlook this company when you are considering IP PBX software. 3CX unified communications solution works on Windows and Linux and in virtualized environment or in the cloud. You get softphone and smartphone clients plus WebRTC integration, chat, call center features, website live chat integration and CRM integration. The name engenders trust but you also pay for quality of service.

3. Cisco VoIP PBX

Cisco is another giant in VoIP technologies as well as networking. If you want a tried and tested brand this could be it. Cisco offers flexible, modular IP PBX software to serve needs of small businesses with 150 users and enterprise grade unified communications for larger businesses. You can choose software based and hardware based 100-Cisco VoIP Phone PBX system which offers company wide speed dial, remote/VPN, music on hold, routing and paging system among other features. For SMBs Cisco offers Unified Communication Manager Express with solid telephony and collaboration features. Top class but priced accordingly.

4. Huawei Softco IP PBX

Huawei’s UC platform is complete solution for large enterprises, incorporating intelligent IP PBX, server, signaling gateway, media gateway and trunk gateways along with connect to IP Phone and POTs landlines. The long list of features include mobility, audio, data and video conference, SMS, voicemail, fax, CTI, billing, card number service, DND, hotline, personal call assist, multiple access mode and intelligent routing. Icing on the cake is the business management unit that lets you enjoy bill query, rate setup, department information management and other admin features. It is carrier grade with superior voice quality, able to handle 5000 users.

5. NEC Univerge

NEC univerge range includes models for small to large enterprises. NEC gets top marks for contracting, integration & deployment and service support plus high marks for product capabilities. There are various models such as SV, 3C, SV8100 and others in the Univerge family. The 3C model, for example, handles communication, connection and collaboration effortlessly, integrating MS Office outlook, audio conferencing and video conferencing plus custom IVR and rich presence with automated attendant. You can take advantage of other features such as single number for multiple devices, call screening, contact center features and call recording. Enterprises are going to love NEC but it can be a pricey proposition.

6. Zebra Workforce Connect

Not everyone needs NEC or Huawei. Zebra workforce connect VoIP IPPBX neatly fills the slot in which you have mobile workforce needing to stay connected. Its Workforce Connect PTT Pro is ideal for employees who are usually on the go. The solution permits private and group calling, barge-in, web based management, monitor user location, integration of interworking gateway and two-way radios and even PC call operations. It is an easy to deploy cloud based service with enterprise scale operations, mainly targeting mobile workforce accessibility.

7. Yeastar S series VoIP PBX

This is aimed at small and medium businesses, incorporating most common features including UC, softphone app, remote management, office extension, CRM integration, presence and one number on all devices. However, keep in mind, this is not purely IP PBX software but integrates both hardware and software like Huawei and Cisco which increases cost of ownership and service besides posing upgrade issues. If you want purely software based IP PBX then use their Yeastar Cloud PBX.

8. PBXact

PBXact leverages FreePBX and is backed by Sangoma. This IP PBX software targets users who need complex configuration keeping in mind different types of users and use cases. If your needs are different then this deserves a look-see.

9. ShoreTel IP PBX

ShoreTel is a modular solution offering automatic failover, IP PBX telephony plus voice mail, auto-attendant, workgroup, music on hold, UC and distributed architecture. This is an American based company so expect pricing to match.

10.Sangoma Switchvox

Sangoma is a leader in VoIP technologies and its Switchvox permits on-premise or cloud based IP PBX operations including unified communications. It gains relevance since it is better geared to serve remote working, integrating video conferencing and collaboration through one click. Sangoma offers a host of features at various price points to suit small, medium and large businesses across the world. What you get when you choose Sangoma is background support through gateways and seamless connectivity.


There you have it: top IP PBX for 2021. Take your pick. Go by brand or features or multi-tenant PBX software feature. We have it all covered.

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