Cloud-Communications- The Ultimate Method of Effective Business Communication

VoIP System For Your Business

Flawless and effective communication has become an essential part of today’s businesses to stay in the competition. No matter what size of business you have (big or small), effective business communication is a must for:

  • Better business growth
  • Bringing everyone together to achieve business goals
  • Reduce the chances of errors while keeping everyone informed

A communication system that allows a continuous flow of information between employees, customers, clients, suppliers, and others alike, helps in building better working and long-lasting relationships. 

The need to transition towards the cloud

After the hit of the COVID-19 pandemic, we can see a noticeable increase in organizations switching their communication systems to the cloud to enable business continuity. This is due to the reasons that a large number of workforces were compelled to work from home. The trend of remote working is here to stay for a long time, and to support this trend cloud communication is playing a crucial role in offering employees all the required tools and applications to sustain productivity. Cloud communication platform has made it easier to bring people together worldwide, thereby allowing organizations across different industries to share information instantaneously and make faster decisions. 

Cloud communications: An effective way of managing communication online

Many people get confused between cloud-based communications and a hosted PBX, but in reality, cloud-based communications are more than just an IP telephone or a hosted PBX system. It is a method of contact that makes use of internet connections instead of a standard PSTN. It means that whatever communication you have, whether it’s sending a message, having a conversation, or hosting a video conference, everything works on cloud-hosted technology. 

This highly effective method of managing communication online requires no hardware installation or phone lines to connect. Users don’t even require a legacy infrastructure to integrate, thus bringing great cost savings. Cloud also facilitates its users with easy scalability without the need to swap between devices and applications. In short, if you are using a cloud-based communication system:

  • There is no need to install hardware
  • No physical lines require
  • You’ll have more opportunities for better scalability
  • You can enjoy diversity in your communication strategy
  • You will get high-definition services
  • You can greatly reduce the costs related to communication
  • You will get a platform filled with advanced features ideal for empowering your team

The term cloud communications cover a multitude of things associated with voice and data services. Under this platform, the entire processes starting from the software, switching, and storage, all are hosted remotely by a third party, commonly known as the cloud. 

Different forms of cloud communications

Under the cloud-based communications platform, there are various offerings starting from basic chat platforms to Unified Communications as a Service. Some of the key types of cloud-based communication platforms include:

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Chat clients
  • Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

VoIP- The oldest forms of cloud-based communications

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is one of the oldest and widely used forms of cloud-based communications. This platform allows its users to make telephone calls over the internet instead of using traditional phone lines. With the help of a good internet connection, VoIP phone service can turn analog signals into digital signals so that the transmission devices on the Internet can easily read and interpret those signals. By using VoIP, users can benefit in numerous ways. For instance, there is no need for trunking, users can use softphones with no fixed number associated with them, the service offers numerous advanced features and more. 

With VoIP, users get to use different apps and functionalities that allow them to receive business calls without the need to give out their personal phone number. 

Chat clients- based on text rather than voice

Chat clients are another popular form of cloud-based communications that are entirely based on text instead of voice communication. This type of cloud-based communication is also known as live chat in businesses. Businesses use these hosted services specifically for frontline customer services to answer their customer’s less complex queries. Some chat client services such as Skype also allow voice and video calling. 

Several businesses these days use this cloud-based service with chatbots, an effective form of AI technology. Chatbots allow companies to answer the most common questions or queries of their customers. This frees up customer care agents to handle more complex queries and cases that require human interference. 

Chat clients service can also be used for internal communications. Using this platform, organizations can enable effective collaboration between employees in dedicated channels. It also allows instant messaging between two or more employees as per the requirement. Some chat client services also allow users to build private external rooms that allow people from outside of the core business to work together effectively on a project.

Unified Communications as a Service- A comprehensive form of cloud-based communications

Unified Communications as a Service or UCaaS, is an all-inclusive form of cloud-based communications. It combines all the major communication services such as voice telephony, call recording, voicemail, SMS, MMS, chat clients, and more. Some services also allow users to integrate their communication system with other cloud-based platforms to provide services like incoming call notifications, one-click dialing, etc. It is important to note that not all UCaaS products offer the same features and functionalities. Users can choose these products based on their key business requirements. 

To sum up, cloud communications is the best and highly-effective platform that provides all the required tools and functionalities that today’s agile businesses require to flourish in this highly-competitive business era.

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