Avoid These 7 Common Mistakes to Enjoy Superior Quality VoIP Services

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Several businesses have already switched their traditional telephone infrastructures with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This is due to the assorted benefits that VoIP offers like cost savings, multiple offices connectivity, the ability to telecommute, several advanced features, etc. However, choosing the wrong VoIP provider can cost you more instead of saving you money. It is important to choose your VoIP service provider carefully to avoid any pitfalls. 

Below are some of the key mistakes that you must avoid to choose a reliable VoIP service provider. Have a look:

  • Choosing any VoIP provider

Choosing any VoIP provider can be risky. Make sure to choose a professional service provider who can assure a reliable phone system. Having a reliable phone system not only makes a business look professional but also provides all the essential tools that it requires to manage seamless communication. Therefore, when choosing a VoIP service provider, make sure to compare different providers and then make a decision.  It is advisable to go for a cloud-based solution that can be customized easily as per your business growth requirements. Besides, hosted VoIP solutions usually come with several unique features that make business communications much faster, smooth, and flawless. Just remember that the choice you’ll make will have a great role in determining the success of your business communication system. 

  1. Focusing on costs instead of quality

A business phone system plays an important role in representing a company’s image. Focusing only on the price of the advertised services that claim to offer their product at the lowest price may include hidden charges or may not deliver the quality service. Just make sure to check out all the available solutions including hybrid and cloud options along with the costs associated with each option. When searching for VoIP providers, try to choose the one that offers the highest quality solution at a competitive price. When buying a solution, take into account installation costs, maintenance and up-gradation costs, as well as the entire cost of ownership.  

  • Not evaluating the exact business needs

Before selecting a phone system, it is important to determine the exact business requirements for which you need a phone system. Take enough time to access your needs and make sure that the potential phone system is equipped with all the essential functions that you need to meet these requirements. You can prepare a list of VoIP features you need along with all the other key requirements like technical, business, and user requirements. Refer to this list when searching for a professional VoIP provider in the market. You can also refer to the review given by the customers about a potential VoIP supplier and examine the use case to determine which system will work best for you. 

  • Not considering the scalability requirements

Another key mistake that most businesses make is not looking into the future requirements of their business. When implementing a VoIP system in a swiftly growing company, it is vital to select a scalable solution that can easily meet the future growth requirements of your company. It is essential because as a business grows, it also needs to expand its communication infrastructure, enable new features and functionalities, add new employees to the phone system, and more. Choosing a system that grows together with your company, allows you to add various new attractive features as per your needs. This helps to enhance the flexibility and power of your business communications. 

  • Not paying attention to redundancy architecture

It is important to note that mishaps are unavoidable. Therefore, it becomes very crucial to choose a service provider that has the right infrastructure and redundancy architecture to keep its clients connected no matter what the situation is. Some hosted VoIP service providers keep their servers and essential equipment in a single facility.  However, in the event of some misfortune, the service provider could lose all circuits. Also, the clients connected to the service provider would lose connectivity. So, to prevent such a situation, make sure to choose an operator who has a redundant infrastructure that includes multi-node network sites located in distinct geographical areas. A multi-node network ensures that the clients’ calls are connected to multiple nodes at the same time. If one node fails, the client remains connected without facing any issues or delays in call connectivity. 

  • Not looking into bandwidth requirements

The main requirement of VoIP technology is internet connectivity as all the VoIP phone calls are carried over an internet connection. Depending upon the volume of calls and data, you require sufficient bandwidth. Considering bandwidth requirements is very important to utilize the benefits of VoIP effectively. Failing to do so may result in poor call quality, unpredictable VoIP connections, and issues in transferring data over the internet. Even after choosing the best VoIP carrier, if you fail to implement proper bandwidth, you will not be able to meet your network traffic requirements and get a proper Quality of Service (QoS).

  • Overlooking security implications

Services that run on the internet are mostly at risk of cyberattack. VoIP telephony solutions also run on the internet and there are chances that the cybercriminals can hack your system to listen in on your important phone calls or steal any crucial information/data. Some of the most common types of VoIP cyber-attacks include Denial of Services (DoS) attacks, vishing, Spamming Over Internet Telephony (SPIT), eavesdropping, call recording, and phreaking. Therefore, it becomes very important to consider the potential security risks associated with the VoIP systems and choose a service provider that is capable of offering the best security solutions to reduce the chances of VoIP cyber-attacks. When searching for a VoIP service provider, make certain that they provide robust encryption, strict user policies, multi-factor authentication, an array of security protocols, and various other security features. 


So, these are some of the key mistakes that one must avoid when choosing a VoIP provider for reliable VoIP services. Keeping all the above-mentioned points in mind will help you to choose the right service provider and enjoy highly effective VoIP services.

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