All You Want to Know About Call Whisper In Call Center Software and How It Helps Your Business

Call Whisper

Compared to IP PBX the call center software has quite a few added features that make it ideal for businesses of all kinds. You have features such as skill based mapping, automatic call distribution and auto dialers that can help with outbound and inbound campaigns to increase leads or serve customers. Along with these you also have a trio of features that could be helpful in improving quality of call, quality of agent service and customer satisfaction and this trio comprises of call whisper, call monitoring and call barge in. Let us focus on call whisper as an invaluable aid to improving agent efficiency and productivity leading to enhancement of business.

Call whisper defined

Call whisper can be of two types.

At an elementary level the call whisper sort of whispers in the agents’ ears about the target caller’s details, origin of inquiry and purpose of call when they receive incoming calls and before they answer it. This helps them to be better prepared to respond to the point. Whisper can reduce customer wait time by 43% and lower call cost by 35%. If it is a repeat caller such as an existing customer then such data is drawn from the CRM. Whisper call can take place before the agent engages in conversation and also during an ongoing call. You can also set up call whisper feature in the call center software to alert agents to “push” products or services.

The other type of whisper is when a supervisor continuously monitors ongoing calls between agents and callers. If they observe agents experiencing difficulties then they may use this whisper feature to whisper suggestions to the agent. The party at the other end of the line cannot hear what the supervisor tells the agent. This way the agent can take a decisive step forward to addressing customer issue or closing a lead. For instance, a potential customer may be asking for a discount. This may not be within the agent’s powers but a supervisor can take a decision and “whisper” to the agent to agree or offer alternate suggestions. It can be invaluable to bring newly trained agents up to speed with a little bit of nudging and improve confidence levels.

By recording all such calls, including whispers, your business can use the recording as training material to help agents know about customer behaviors and how to address issues.

Either way, call whisper feature of call center software brings in quite a few benefits for businesses.

Onboarding and training new agents

You cannot expect newly recruited agents to achieve high productivity, especially in outbound sales campaigns. Nine times out of ten they are likely to hear targets refuse the offer or raise points to which the agent has no answer, leading to frustration. In such cases seasoned managers can step in and whisper instructions that lead to better conversions. Agents may not be using the right tactic, may engage in fruitless discussion or arguments and face aggressive customers. Timely intervention through the call whisper facility will help them to correct course during a call. You coach agents even as they are engaged in converting a lead without the lead knowing about it.

Prioritizing incoming calls

Get the right call center software linked to your CRM and a smart AI powered call whisper feature. This smart feature will prioritize calls and guide agents to handle high priority calls first. If it is an existing customer you deliver resolution during the first call and do it promptly. You ensure their loyalty which eventually translates to more business.

Who is calling from where and in response to which campaign

It is common for businesses to run campaigns through different avenues such as PPC and social media. How do you know from which source your incoming call originates? Call whisper also functions as a tracker and finds out source and possibly caller details which are whispered to the agent before he engages in a talk. This way, he does not have to inquire but gets straight to the point, saving valuable time and being able to handle more calls with positive outcomes.

Use along with automatic call distribution

You can set up the call center software’s automatic call distribution and skill based mapping to work with call whisper. If it is a repeat caller then his call can be routed to the agent who interacted with him before. The agent receives information about the caller, retrieves previous interaction on the screen and is set to get off to a running start instead of starting from scratch. Callers like it and are likely to develop a favorable impression of your company, translating to sales.

Recover lost opportunities

Your PPC or any other marketing campaign may generate a deluge of incoming calls. Many of the callers are likely to get a busy tone or could not talk with the right person. About 34% responses from campaigns are missed. In this situation you can segregate data of all such callers separately in your CRM and initiate a call back campaign. Here too, the call whisper feature kicks in, informing agents about the history relevant to each prospect and letting them handle such leads better. You recover lost opportunities and improve conversion rate. 30% of leads are not followed up and you have lost opportunities. Use whisper to recover these opportunities.

Attribution analytics

You launch a range of campaigns such as PPC, affiliate, programmatic ads, social media ads and web landing pages to generate leads. The call whisper feature proves invaluable in attributing leads to source. You can segregate all such data, analyze that data and find out which campaign is giving you better ROIs and focus on these. You save money and you increase convertible leads as a result.

If you do not already have call center software at the core of business communication then it is high time to get it. If you have it but lack the call whisper feature then you can easily get call center software providers to integrate this feature through APIs. It will make a world of difference to life for agents and to your revenues.

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