6 Must-Have Skills in Insurance Call Center Agents

call center agents for insurance industries

In any call center, agents act as the most important medium connecting the customers with a brand. The call center agents for insurance industries are on the front line of a call center’s customer service. Numerous insurance options are available for customers, so it becomes difficult to choose the best option. Customers look for the type of service and customer experience that they provide in their service providers. 

Whenever policy holders have questions about insurance plans or anything related to insurance, they prefer to speak to a customer service executive to resolve their concerns. The agent they connect to becomes the representative or voice of the entire company. The way they handle the customer’s query makes an impression about the company in the customer’s mind. It is the responsibility of the agents to perform their job in the best possible manner. However, the insurance company must choose the best candidates to represent them in the form of customer care executives. So, how to hire the best talent? There are certain key skills that an insurance company must look for in their potential candidates before hiring them for the vacant position. 

Look for these key skills when hiring insurance call center agents

Usually, the managers at any call center are responsible for hiring candidates for the required positions. When hiring insurance agents, the manager must look for certain skills in the candidates to ensure that the company is getting the most talented and full of potential resources. Here are the key skills: 

  • Professionalism: Agents must be acquainted with Courteousness while addressing customers’ issues. Politeness is a must to set the right tone for engaging the customers. Even if a customer is frightened, angry, or stressed, the agent must stay calm and maintain their professional tone throughout the conversation. The manager should ask different types of questions or situations that an insurance agent usually has to face during the interaction with customers, especially when there are some insurance issues, and see how well the candidate answers the questions or reacts to the situations given. Their tone will give an idea about how professional they are. 
  • Ability to stay on schedule: Call center customer service suffers badly when agents don’t show up on time. Arriving late or leaving early can disturb the entire customer support system. Therefore, the agents must be able to stick to a strict schedule. They should be well organized. Excellence in time management and prioritizing the important tasks allows agents to handle daily workloads with ease. In all, the ability to stay on schedule keeps everything in seamless flow within the organization. 
  • Good communication skills: Good communication skills is another key requirement for the job of a call center agent. Agents must be able to keep conversations clear and productive. Clear and understandable communication helps resolve customers’ issues easily without wasting any time. Besides, it gives a good impression of the company. Managers should hire candidates who have good communication as well as writing skills. Writing skills are required when the agents need to communicate with the customers via webchat or social media channels. 
  • Ability to work independently: Agents must collaborate with other teams. It is also imperative that they should be confident enough to work independently. While telecommuting, agents must handle calls without putting customers on hold or taking help from their supervisors. Though the manager or supervisor will come in between whenever there is a requirement, agents must be confident enough to handle most of the matter themselves. The independence improves call handling time and a higher customer satisfaction level. 
  • Technical knowledge: When hiring agents, it will be beneficial to select domain expertise. Agents must have detailed knowledge and understanding of the company’s basic products and services. They must be aware of common issues and complaints that customers usually have regarding insurance matters. Domain expertise can reduce the need to provide basic training and make a great difference in the customer’s experience. 
  • Knowledge of the latest technology and tools: Agents must have at least the basic know-how of using the latest technologies and tools widely used in today’s call center industry. Knowledge of tools like call center software, CRM, and others helps manage the entire process quickly and efficiently. 

To succeed in today’s highly-competitive business world, it is important to deliver high-quality customer service experiences. Offering superior customer experiences via an insurance call center generates better revenue and improves customer retention. The skill of insurance call center agents plays the most important role in attending the desired success and profits in the insurance industry. 


Since an agent has to interact with multiple customers, how they handle customers can make or break the organization’s reputation. Therefore, it is essential to look for the above-mentioned key skills in call center agents for insurance industries to hire the best candidates.

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