5 Ways to Enhance Customer Service Using Call Monitoring System

Call Monitoring System

Nowadays, call centers have become an important source to get in touch with any business or brand. For businesses, call centers have become an essential component of a profitable and efficient customer service environment. Since call centers are an important part of customer service organizations, agents in customer service departments have to deal with large call volumes on a daily basis, interact with different types of customers, and gather feedback from them. However, the way call centers deliver customer service, can make or break a relationship. That’s why many businesses largely focus on delivering a high-level customer experience. 

Along with offering a quick resolution of customers’ queries, the style of interaction and the tone of the agent also play a vital role in offering excellent customer service. To ensure effective communication, several businesses perform inbound and outbound call monitoring. They use call monitoring software to transition their call center into a strategic asset by ensuring agents effectively resolve customer issues and collect customer feedback. 

What exactly is call monitoring?

Call monitoring is simply the listening of an interaction between an agent and customer and the recording of the entire interaction for later analysis. Call monitoring has both qualitative and quantitative advantages. For instance, by analyzing the response rates and customer attitudes, businesses can decide if waiting times are acceptable or not. This further helps in resource planning. By analyzing customer attitudes, businesses can also determine whether the service is effective or not and the agent is performing up to the mark or not. 

Best practices for call monitoring

Businesses must ascertain the benefits of a call monitoring system and implement the best ways to support this system. Here are some of the best practices for call monitoring, have a look: 

  • Implement agent training programs: In today’s customer-centric environment, businesses must ensure high-quality interaction with customers. Agents must have a better understanding of the company’s products and services so that they can easily handle common issues of customers related to any specific product or service. Agents must also have a good understanding of customer psychology and behavior and the ways to deal with possibly difficult customers. With the help of training programs at regular intervals, agents can be prepared well to deal with different customers and handle each issue effectively while ensuring satisfactory customer service. All the key policies and procedures must be made clear to the agents in training programs. Besides, it is also important to let agents know the importance of call monitoring and its role in the overall service management program. If agents are not informed about the importance of call monitoring, they may feel that this practice is too intrusive and violates their privacy. They might think that the company doesn’t trust their employees, which may further affect their morale and productivity. Therefore, to maintain employee retention rates and deliver better customer service, it is advisable to implement training programs at regular intervals for agents. 
  • Prepare a task team: It is important to note that call monitoring is not the sole responsibility of the call center manager. However, a manager usually has other responsibilities as well such as planning and implementation of customer retention strategies. It may be possible that a manager will not be able to focus completely on monitoring each and every agent. Here comes the role of the task team. The upper management can appoint a task force to act on behalf of the manager. A task force is usually the group of senior agents who are responsible for monitoring service levels along with designing and implementing various processes. With the help of call monitoring, they can evaluate the company’s success and customer experience. This task force is also responsible for delivering the reinforcement training sessions. 
  • Provide effective scripts for agents: Agents usually work on predefined scripts, especially in a sales environment. An effective script is written in natural language and tone. The way call center scripts are written, set quality of service standards for the organization. When planning and designing the script, organizations must ensure that the script includes a clear and straightforward introduction, define the purpose of the interaction along with the required tone. The script should be such that it must create a connection with the customer and form a rapport. The script should not only be focused on the introduction and message part, the closing should also be very effective and should end with courtesy. To ensure that agents are sticking to the script and following it dedicatedly, organizations must utilize the call monitoring system. 
  • Allow self-assessment: The organizations must allow their employees to do self-assessment. It means that agents must review their previous interactions with customers to know how they are performing and how they can bring more improvement in customer service. This way they can work better on their communication skills, soft skills, and techniques. It will help to boost their confidence also. With the help of a call monitoring system, organizations can allow their employees to do self-assessment. 
  • Implement an advanced call monitoring software: Call monitoring can be a labor-intensive task without the help of an advanced system. Moreover, it becomes difficult to get a true reflection of agents’ performance. However, with the help of an advanced call monitoring system, all these shortcomings can be overcome easily. Nowadays, organizations can get monitoring systems comprising AI, machine learning, and various other advanced technologies that make monitoring a much easier and efficient task. 


Many organizations implement a basic quality assurance monitoring program, but that’s not enough to ensure excellent customer service. Businesses must employ advanced call monitoring software along with all the above-mentioned best practices that allow for effective management of customer service and overall operations.

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