5 Key Strategies to Enhance Customer Experience using VoIP

Enhance Customer Experience using VoIP

Due to the ongoing technological innovations in today’s business world, people can make calls anytime, anywhere with the help of an internet-connected computer, a headset, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP is an advanced technology that translates voice data into a digital signal. Thus, users place a call straight from their computer, a VoIP phone, or various other data-driven devices. In simple words, VoIP is an advanced phone service delivered over the internet. The service is also popular as internet telephone, IP telephony, broadband telephony, or broadband phone service. With the increasing number of telecom and VoIP services, the competition in communications has also increased. A VoIP business needs to attract and retain customers by offering excellent customer services to stay ahead in the fierce competition. 

There is no doubt that the customer support team is the front liner of a business in today’s time. They are responsible for effective client handling. The way they perform various tasks can make or break a business. If you are into a VoIP business and looking for ways to improve your customer service, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and retention, below is the list of some useful strategies and tactics that can help to enhance customer service. 

Ways to improve customer service in VoIP business

Let’s look at some of the key strategies and tactics that VoIP businesses must follow to ensure a better customer experience throughout their journey. 

  • Provide relevant information: Today’s customers expect reliable and relevant information about any issues they face while using a service. They want their issue to be resolved in one place and preferably as soon as possible. Companies in the telecom sector usually deal with complex information that is quite difficult for an ordinary person to understand. Therefore, the customer service department must be able to deliver any advanced and complex information in a clear, simple, and comprehensive manner. The ability to make customers understand the information given to them can help in securing customer loyalty. Various ways to help customers digest any complex or hard to understand information include self-explanatory presentations, instructional videos, troubleshooting documentation, a knowledge base comprising all the important VoIP topics, etc. 
  • Engage all the departments with the customers: Other than the customer service department, a company also has various other departments such as marketing, administration, HR, and many others that rarely or never have any direct interaction with the company’s customers. It may prove to be a useful strategy if a business tries to engage all its departments with their customers as often as possible. This will not only help a business in knowing the customer’s concerns and worries in a better manner but will also highlight the internal issues within a company (if any). Moreover, a combined engagement will also help in resolving the customer’s issues in the best possible manner. 
  • Connect customers with the most appropriate agent: Though there are numerous digital communication ways available with VoIP services, most customers still like to have live communications with the customer service department. Customers are often required to speak with a real person to discuss their issues or concerns. In order to ensure customer satisfaction and generate customer loyalty, it is important to connect the customer with a customer service representative that has all the required skills and knowledge to handle the type of queries that the particular customer has. 
  • Provide customized customer service: It is vital to note that every customer is different and so are their needs and expectations. Therefore, a VoIP business must be focused on addressing and service the specific requirements of each customer. A telecom company must constantly interact with its customers and understand their usage patterns so that it can create effective strategies to serve its customers in a better manner. It is important for companies to understand what is important for their customers, what exactly they need, and how they want to receive a VoIP service. Accordingly, a business must deliver customized solutions that are highly beneficial to the customers. Tailor-made services will not only make customers feel valued but will also win customer gratification and ultimately their loyalty towards the brand. 
  • Implement a segmentation-based approach: With the increased need for new and complex telecommunication offerings, businesses find ways to maximize their efficiency while maintaining the cost of running VoIP customer services. By implementing a segmentation-based approach, businesses can engage more and more customers and at the same time manage their expenses. As mentioned above, all customers are not the same and they have different needs and requirements, therefore the support strategies do not have to be the same for all the customers. The higher value customers must be provided with enhanced and superior quality services via direct channels while the lower value customers via the web and social media. This segmentation-based approach helps in delivering satisfactory customer service and also allows businesses to manage their expenses. 


In the end, offering superior customer services can help a VoIP business to achieve its goals and targets. Besides, a satisfactory base of customers is likely to remain loyal to a brand for the long term.

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