4 Imperative Call Center Technology Trends That Will Rule In 2022

call center technology trends in 2022

We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected so many businesses throughout the world, as a result, call centers are facing a lot of challenges. Most call centers are dealing with a huge increase in call volume and different types of calls. The pandemic has also forced businesses to adapt work from home culture and so as the call center business. Several call centers have asked their employees to work remotely.  

The advancement in call center hardware and software technology allowed the customer support teams to deal with various call center issues easily and effectively. The ability to resolve customers’ issues quickly and effectively helped call centers in creating a system that is operationally efficient and profitable for the business. Nowadays we can find several call center technology solutions that are designed to assist call center representatives by providing them customer relationship management (CRM) support, automation support, predictive analysis of customer behaviors, and other relevant statistics. Using the right technology solutions help organizations not only in enhancing customers’ experience but also improve overall productivity while reducing operational overhead.

List of call center technology trends 2022

Here is the list of a few call center technology trends that will continue to rule in 2022 and will allow call centers in improving their customer service and increasing overall productivity. Have a look:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology

In recent years the role of AI technology has increased greatly in call centers, especially after the pandemic. AI-enabled software applications have helped reduce the requirement for routing calls manually. With the help of AI-assisted software applications now organizations can route calls automatically to the most qualified agent based on their skill set and knowledge. This intuitive call routing programming can considerably decrease call wait times, thereby allowing call center agents to attend to more customers, increasing customer satisfaction level as well as the overall productivity. 

In 2022, AI technology will gain more attention and is expected to bring multiple benefits to call centers. In the coming years, we will get to see numerous autonomous and semi-autonomous AI functions being implemented by call centers to streamline their internal processes. There will also be an increase in the predictive responses to agents in the flow of communication with the help of AI technology. This will allow agents to choose from multiple responses to help resolve customers’ requirements quickly and effectively.

AI-supported systems also allow call centers to collect and analyze information related to customers across different channels to provide the customer support team with a more unified view of their customers. This way it provides complete omni-channel support. As per Juniper Research, AI technology will become so popular that AI tech is anticipated to reduce call center business costs by $8 billion annually by 2022.


Another popular call center trend that will continue to gain attention in 2022 is Chatbots. Also known as conversational AI, Chatbots is a type of Artificial Intelligence that can easily identify multiple languages, processes, words, and even their tempo, and automatically decide the best way to respond effectively in the most natural human way possible. 

Chatbots usually use the Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology to capture the meaning of different words and determine the intent of customers behind asking a query or a question. AI-supported Chatbots can collect various important information including customer details, customer feedback, payment information, etc. They can also deliver account updates, allow customers to book appointments, and perform various other tasks, thereby taking a lot of burden off from call center employees. 

In 2022 and beyond, we will get to see an increased use of Chatbots. Call centers will use this technology to respond to their customers quickly and effectively. Chatbots will play an important role in 24×7 customer engagement by filtering complex conversations as the first point of contact. Based on the conversation, Chatbots will automatically transfer the call to the human agent for better comprehensive support. 

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 

Though Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is not a new trend in the field of call center business. It will continue to gain importance in 2022. According to a report by Statista, one out of three companies implemented this technology for the first time in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, 42% of organizations that are already using IVR have increased their usage of IVR technology. 

When used together with conversational AI technologies, IVR can better perform speech recognition and determination of customer mood. Besides, AI-powered IVR technology provides organizations the ability to gather significant behavioral and historical customer data to help them in offering a fully personalized experience.

Omni-channel Integration

Another major customer service trend in the call center business is the demand for omni-channel services. Today’s customers prefer an array of communication channels to connect with an organization via its customer service department. Customers these days make use of various ways such as mobile phones, web phones, text messages, social media channels, and others to connect with the customer support team to get a quick and accurate resolution of their query. If a customer communicates with a business on one channel, he/she should get a consistent experience when they get a response from another channel.

Omni-channel integration will allow the customer support team to deliver a more personalized and relevant experience irrespective of what channel they use to communicate. In 2022, omni-channel support will become a higher imperative for call centers. 

So, these are some of the top call center technology trends that call center businesses must focus on in 2022 to enhance customer experience, improve productivity, and profits. 

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