10 Top-Notch Things That Suggests the Need to Upgrade the Current Phone System

Upgrade Business Phone System

Are you planning to upgrade your phone system? If yes, then there are so many things that need consideration. You may have certain questions in your mind, like is it the best time to upgrade the system, will this upgrade bring any change in the business process, or if you don’t upgrade your system, what will you miss out on? If you are still confused about upgrading your existing phone system to a VoIP business phone system, then you must go through all the below-mentioned signs that suggest it’s the correct time to upgrade your business phone system. 

The Phone bill is too high and unpredictable: If your existing phone system costs are too high, you must consider upgrading it to the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system. VoIP is not only easy to use but a cost-effective option as well. A traditional phone system costs high because it involves on-site equipment installation, new phone lines, licensing, maintenance, international calling charges, and more. On the other hand, a cloud-based phone system can help businesses save up to 60% of their phone bill. A VoIP phone lets a business to:

  • Eliminate the need for costly hardware and wiring. Instead, they can use their existing broadband connection. 
  • Save huge on calling expenses as the VoIP business phone system offers unlimited local and economical international calls.
  • Easy management of business phone systems via a user-friendly dashboard, and the VoIP service provider will take care of the rest. 
  • Add new phone lines or locations as per their requirement at a low cost.

You are using an outdated phone system: An outdated phone system demands a lot of maintenance and relies on technology to work properly. If technology is outdated, the system may not work efficiently. Also, if a part of the equipment fails, it may become difficult to find the replacement parts, as well as a technician who can fix the replacement. Upgrading the system will allow businesses to integrate their phone system with various business tools, including the CRM software, new devices with unlimited features, or different internal collaboration tools. 

It becomes complicated or expensive to add new phone lines: If your business grows faster and you need to expand to new locations. Still, it seems quite complicated and expensive to maintain the existing phone system as per business growth; then, you should upgrade your phone system to a new one. A VoIP phone system can be scaled up or down easily based on the growth and requirement. Besides, new phone lines and features can be added easily. 

If your phone system doesn’t have important features: In today’s time, a business phone system must have all the features that can make employees’ jobs much quicker and easier. A phone system with basic functionalities cannot enhance productivity. Therefore, choosing a cloud telephony system is the best way to augment productivity and efficiency. Upgrading your phone system can provide access to various advanced features like call recording, IVR, auto-attendant, voicemail-to-text, etc. 

If your phone system is not working properly: If your phone system often remains down and is vulnerable to outages, it can create frustration among customers as well as employees. There can be several reasons that can hinder the functionality of a phone system, such as natural disasters, outdated infrastructure, and old equipment. Fixing the system may require a lot of effort and expense. Therefore, it is better to upgrade the system to a VoIP business phone system. The system comprises phone lines that run over the internet, thus eliminating the chances of any disruption. If there is any interruption to the service, all the incoming calls can be transferred automatically to a different number. 

If your phone system has security issues: No matter if a business is small or large, data security is the measure of concern for all kinds of businesses. Traditional phone systems generally transmit the calls using audio signals, which are likely to intercept the attackers. On the other hand, VoIP phone systems assure a higher level of security and privacy to businesses. The phone system uses high-grade security like Session Border Controllers (SBCs), which act as a firewall to protect all the information.

If your phone system lacks reliability, phone calls get choppy or often drop, creating a bad impression among customers. Also, poor call quality, noisy background, and unproductive conference meetings can badly affect the productivity and efficiency of a business. Upgrading the phone system to VoIP can ensure high-quality calls, smooth workflow, and efficient call flow management. 

If your phone system can’t accommodate remote employees: Today, a large number of employees are working remotely. To support remote workers and enhance their efficiency, businesses need to have a robust business phone system. With a traditional phone system, it becomes difficult to add new phone lines and locations. However, by upgrading the system to VoIP, remote workers can be offered more flexibility and mobility. With a cloud telephony system, employees can be connected to the same network anywhere, anytime.

If your business needs unified communications: With traditional phone systems, businesses cannot integrate their phone with other communication channels like text messages, email, chat, audio/video/web conferences, etc. Upgrading the system allows businesses to employ unified communications. By bringing all the communication channels together, unified communications can streamline both internal and external communication. It further results in increased customer retention and loyalty as customers can choose their channel choice to get desired assistance. 

Your phone system plays an important role in your business success: If businesses use their phone system to deliver customer service, interact with prospects, close sales, and collaborate with coworkers, it plays the most crucial role in their success. If not upgraded properly, it can affect the overall productivity of your business. 


Considering all the above-mentioned points, it is clear that upgrading a phone system with the recent updates and technology is essential to keep up with the growing competition in the market. If you notice any of the above-mentioned things in your traditional phone system, consider upgrading it with a VoIP business phone system as soon as possible.

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